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  • OneEyeone OneEyeone Aug 22, 1999 8:56 PM Flag

    a$$hole alert

    Pay no attention to this guy he has been going all over different boards pumping "ftec".

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    • you wrote, but I do think the situation merits a
      bit more caution than that. Today's action was up
      into the close on the news release, but the stock on
      the whole has been quite weak over the past few
      weeks. I, too, anticipate at least decent earnings.
      However, I'm not altogether sure that we might not
      possibly retest lows within the next two weeks. Hope
      you're right about 14 to 15 within a month, but that
      seems just a bit premature to me at this point. Someone
      previously advised me to "just jump in" a couple of weeks
      back, just days before things fell to 7. Despite where
      we ended today, I've learned by watching that PRLS
      trades on such low volume "normally", that even a few
      tens of thousands of shares can easily cause it to
      drop 2 points or more in almost an instant. Those
      couple (or more) of points between now and any "pop" may
      not mean much to you, but percentage wise, they make
      all the difference in the world to me. Thanks for the
      thoughts, and best of luck. ARS

    • Seems with the interest rate jitters, the market
      is going to bottom feed again the next two weeks.
      PRLS is so low now that this is where to get in. There
      is no objective information which indicates that
      PRLS should suffer the XRX and HWP drop. Since
      earnings will come out about mid-November (maybe 17th) it
      seems the time to get in while it is at bottom is now.
      Certainly the last week and probably the next week to ten
      days. Then there will likely be a run up for earnings
      expectations. Likely could hit 14-15 again in a month. Good

    • what with EFII up 4 today and PRLS down again on
      above average volume. Don't want to bail too soon, but
      if she falls to 8 again I'm out and will try to
      re-enter somewhere lower. Like the company, but the
      stock's performance over the past month is pitiful. I
      fear that the lack of liquidity, combined with
      tax-loss selling pressure and the bonanza of other
      bargains out there COULD (not will) possibly bring PRLS
      back down to 7 or below again. Sounds far fetched, I
      know, but we were just there a week ago...could well
      happen again, and I don't want that. Good luck to all.

    • somehow I feel YOU ARE RIGHT!!! Time and patience will serve us well with Peerless. My target price is still 20.

    • Hambrecht & Quist issued an update on Tuesday to
      address PRLS's drop. They still rate PRLS a buy and is on
      their focus list. Think PRLS will meet their estimates
      of 11M revenues and $0.14 esp.Xerox accounts for 1%
      of PRLS's revenues and Lexmark is not a customer.
      �PRLS works with 80% of top 16 printer/copier
      OEM's.�Top three customers are Ricoh, Canon, and Minolta
      whose products are doing well. PRLS has 50 royalty
      bearing products. Looks to me like another knee-jerk
      reaction which should be short lived and a great time to
      buy more.

    • Just because XRX tanked temporarily does not mean
      that PRLS should follow suit. This co. is much more
      diversified than XRX client. PRLS should meet or beat
      earnings estimates for this month based on long existing
      contracts. Why are the lemmings following the XRX portion of
      the equation, especially when PRLS is becoming more
      important for their products? Anyone with an intelligent

    • at end of day today1

    • Market is very volitile-Stay with PRLS, watch it,
      do not abandom it,but PRLS is capable of moving in
      both directions. If you bought at in $7's you are
      lucky. 6-7 range is always obtainable, even if PRLS
      sinks from shockers. Just do not chase up until either
      sector momentum strenghtens or PRLS pulls out all stops
      and indicates it is moving to forefront with niche
      leadership role.
      Only if management makes single
      blunder, over hyping or not warning, will I foresake this
      Co. I will continue to support as long as I believe
      PRLS is well managed, hires top engineers, has longe
      range obtainable plans, and continues to guide

      shareholders properly.
      I am in holding pattern and will
      not be active until market conditions favor
      additional risks,

    • about PRLS than I ever will :-) I had thought
      that, perhaps, the drop to 7 might have been the
      capitulation bottom. A bit more research, some soul searching
      about likely upcoming market direction and, YIKES! it's
      UGLY!, a look at the chart, the high P/E, the liklihood
      of tax-loss selling; in addition to reviewing
      today's action sure makes it look like we'll soon be
      testing 6 or even lower again. I like your take on the
      matter, and so will continue to hold a portion of my
      position lest I be mistaken and things begin to rock
      again. Thanks again for your thoughts on the stock, and
      I'll be checking in at Wall. Regards, ARS

    • dudley and advise all that i am feeling better
      today- specially after picking up more at 8 1/16
      yesterday-still am sucking wind on the year though- i was up 90%
      yearly by APRIL!!- now im down 10% overall- tough game
      for sure. Hey Kid!

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