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  • starcutspin starcutspin Sep 8, 2008 5:21 PM Flag

    found wanting

    Well, I think it is time to acknowledge that the shares of this company from the perspective of a retail holder, are essentially worthless. If there was anything to the long drawn out (years) claims of an engine breakthrough, it would have been met with overwhelming interest in today's energy crisis environment. Clearly, that is not the case. The shareprice has remained in the basement and there is no sign whatsoever it is going to get out, quite the contrary. Thinly traded, it looks like maybe someone is carrying it from zeroing out, at very low cost.
    This engine concept has in my view been tested at its optimal moment, and found wanting. Without anything concrete from any interested parties at this point (not to mention how many years now?) as far as I am concerned, this is finished. That is only my humble opinion, do your own DD.