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  • starcutspin starcutspin Oct 9, 2009 9:30 AM Flag


    This company has a serious credibility problem, which goes back for many years. That should overcome any reluctance to name the "Fortune 1000" company they have presumably contracted with, and outline the terms of that agreement, which is central to everything at this point. It does not help your argument to make squirelly statements like "The most important point is to avoid any silly thinking that either (a) Regi's engine doesn't exist, or doesn't work, or has some serious problem," Thinking that there is a serious problem after all that has (not) happened is silly?
    Nice try, no cigar, your post is rife with overstatement (could have been written by this company). Too bad because you make some good points. Until they disclose the Fortune 1000 company and terms of agreement, I doubt everything they are saying, because it is the key to their most recent claims of progress, but cannot be verified. Just my humble opinion.

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    • jimmy1938 Oct 9, 2009 11:35 AM Flag

      Yes, it is very reasonable to have major doubts because everything is so unclear. That's why the stock is 25 cents. However, it must be remembered that that unclarity, and the failure to "name the Fortune 1000" company, is totally to be expected. No company wants to publicize their R & D, and Regi is contractually required to not reveal that name, and strongly desires to accommodate all its "partner's" desire for secrecy, even though it short term hurts Regi.

      Obviously, to skeptics, that is just a convenient excuse. So be it. We each place our bets in the market. I am not encouraging anyone to buy this stock. For my part, I believe that they have a viable product, that they have on several occasions "almost" gotten desired contracts, that the Fortune 1000 company is real and very seriously interested and involved in design, and that such people as Lynn Peterson (subsequently released by Regi), Bob Grisar, Paul Porter, and Allen MacKnight have all left their previous jobs or come out of retirement to join with Regi, and that their salaries (without options) could not warrant this interest on their part. Note that if every penny collected by selling shares of Reg/Regi stock went to engineers, and none to John Robertson, that would barely provide the funds to attract these people. And, I note that I have never seen any skeptic provide any actual evidence that Regi does not have a viable product. And, at least one of those skeptics is a serious "abuser," and I have never seen an abuser with an opinion worth paying attention to.

      I do want to clarify one remark I made yesterday. I do think Regi's design has the potential to revolutionize the industry, I just don't think it is there yet. The key word is "potential." Even Allen MacKnight, in his remarks at the Çlinton Global Initiative Conference, speaking of applications in the automotive industry, said that the Rand Cam engine was in the "early stages of development," and that it would take 5 years to produce a prototype car, and 10 years before mass production. However, note, he also said that UNLIKE other "green technologies," like electric cars and hydrogen fuel cells, the Rand Cam engine needed NO technological breakthroughs. All that remained was ordinary day-to-day engineering that takes place in bringing any new product to market.

      This fits totally with Belcan's entry into the picture. Everyone has an interest in every possible improvement in tweaking the design before putting out the time and expense of producing a prototype. I have heard that the Wankel went through 200 prototypes before it was produced. Now they try to do as much of that as possible on a computer. And I am not even sure Belcan's role is to tweak the design. I am sure that Belcan's entry into the picture does not signal any significant delay. There may be a delay after producing the engine, due to some unforeseen problem, but a serious delay before production does not seem possible.


    • At this point, the best case scenario is that REGI has actually been toying with with a potentially legitimate idea/product for a number of years. This mysterious Fortune 1000 company thinks there may be potential, too. The F1000 company realizes that the REGI effort has so far been laughable, but agrees to attempt to move forward with the concept. F1000 says get a real engineering firm on-board, and so enters Belcan. Keep in mind, IMHO this is the best case scenario.
      Incidentally, if good discussion should ever develop on this board, I would block a certain individual who posts here. As it is, I pop in for the slight entertainment value he offers.