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  • therealintellectual therealintellectual Oct 1, 2007 2:33 PM Flag

    Are you grazing on greener and higher pastures with us?

    TGIC, MPEL,NPSP, LKQX, and many others…which I’m quite lazy to go track and point out how much they made us. ;)
    Please take something off those…if they had you good ka-ching!
    I’m glad for those people who were on meebo and whom we were able to talk about NPSP, MPEL and CYBL.
    How much money did those 2 minute chats or offlines make you?
    Though we just broke the 14000 and I think we have more upside. It would be prudent to pocket some profits. There’s nothing wrong in missing a run. Isn’t it hoggish if we lose those 20% - 30% profits made in a couple of weeks?

    Our best stocks of September…MPEL, TGIC and NPSP. And if you believed in those chats, tell us how much you made in CYBL??

    Who loves MPEL, when they bought some around that $14, $12. and at $16 on chats last week? Please take a good bunch off. That was a very quick profit

    Our sell orders for MPEL and TGIC at $18.25 and $20.5 .

    50% off each position.

    And another 25% for MPEL and TGIC at $ 22.5 and $ 21.97

    Sold off complete CYBL. (too lazy to calculate those profits)

    Sold off 50% NPSP at around $6.25 or so . (still believe in that $7 mark we set. but only the left over ride it there)

    Still have 50% more left for the next run. Looking to get more here on a bit more downside

    NZ is down again. Anybody looking to get around that once more?

    Riding LKQX, PVX and 25% MPEL for long term. Won’t be trading’em.
    Good Luck,
    Your Adarsh.

    [b] Note: [/b] Good Ka-ching implies aroung 20% - 25% in a very quick time. (TGIC, LKQX, MPEL, NPSP)

    Read this post with the links attached here at my blog.

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