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  • kcandme47 kcandme47 Jan 8, 2013 12:16 AM Flag

    To ce527

    Did Cramer talk about NPSP tonight . I missed it and can't seem to pull up a recap. Just curious.

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    • Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your message. Yes, he did talk about NPSP and he did interview Francois Nader. Nader did not go into a lot of detail about other companies that had orphan drugs out at very high prices except to say that NSP's price for Gattex was "in the middle of the fairway" compared to those other companies. He did say that 100% of the patients and doctors who were potential customers said that they would use Gattex and that it would not be refused to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Basically it was a repeat of the conference call with the addition that Cramer left the interview basically giving NPSP a "buy" rating. I think it's reasonable to think the PPS movement will repeat the climb seen after Cramer's October NPSP feature, except I don't think any climb we have will be followed by such a steep pull back like last time, although some off and on profit taking wouldn't be a surprise. It may still be a while before increased sales show a big improvement on the bottom line, and ultimately that's what it takes to make sustained moves. I'm still very optimistic that NPSP will double, or even possibly go much higher in a year or two.

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      • Thanks ce527,
        I appreciate your review ,as I said I missed it. Cramer is most often criticized on message board but as a new investor I have to say I have learned a few things from him. I try to just be skeptical of everyone and validate the things I believe might be true from several sources.
        I have owned this company since June to say I'm long. I really like this company and think Dr. Nader has done a great job. I've read all the articles in which everyone was shocked
        at how high priced Gattex is. True. But, I think it is going to be ok. They aren't alone out there ,there are a few others that are in that very high priced group. I think we will continue to see more articles to follow from time to time on them all debating this matter. And you know what ,
        it is a fair debate on some level but Gattex is a life changing drug and I think NPSP is a really well run company to . So as things progress and Gattex shows it's efficiency, it will be harder for the pricing critics to win the debate when faced with patients who now have quality
        life. Life is really expensive right now at every turn so I guess I look at it that way too.
        Again, thanks for the info and good luck.

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