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  • dhmdiathway dhmdiathway Feb 22, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    The truth

    I love it when short bashes show up with misinformation. Basically and you can correct me if I'm wrong.. We have around 100m in cash + 106m yr royalties ( sensipar 80 pd mid 2015) . So just conservatively receivable royalties from sensipar left 500m plus 100m cash means this company is basically free. No value placed on gattex or pipeline. This looks like an all in situation to me. Really unsure of the short angle?

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    • thank you, i think some of the bashers in here got burned big time out of there gords on this, some years back - now they are languising in anger and negativity. STRONG BUY !

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      • Hey johnnyb,
        Just wanted to say I think that there really are only one or two shorts writing on this board, they just of course have numerous aliases. Sometimes they actually try to write with different personalities as well. Man oh man, what a freaking Low Life that is.
        Don't know if you saw my post " ok, I have never shorted a stock" but gildslayor says he is a disgruntled long and decided to short for now until April / May then go long again. As we all know,
        that's when we should start to get Natpara going. He was pretty nice and sort of made sense so I even wished him luck. Funny thing is he next post he call NPSP "snake oil" etc. etc. etc. REALLY??? He thinks he can call it "snake oil" now but when he goes long again in April/May he will be rooting for NPSP again. This is their mentality . Personally, I can totally respect a well reasoned rally back and forth between long and short conversations, although I am totally long and
        always will be. I don't understand ever the LIE,LIE,LIE , snake oil , bankruptcy etc stuff these bashers write. You just don't get away with that in life ,even if you do somehow make a bit of money. This type of personality has no self respect and therefore they probably don't realize karma
        has already gotten to them shown by the low life they live.
        Anyway johnnyb, I wish you and your investments well, I wish NPSP well and all the folks that work for this company well and especially the patients that are so going to benefit from Gattex and Natpara.
        Good luck longs!

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