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  • faosto faosto Aug 9, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    My advice to shorts

    Look, generally speaking longs don't listen to shorts, and shorts don't listen to longs. Being a long on this stock, I understand you don't want to hear this. But the reality is that there appear to be a minority of people - longs or shorts - that have grasped the magnitude of what is going to happen to this share price. That is why I put nearly 6 figures into this last night. If you are short you have a small window to get out now and lose a few dollars. Otherwise you will be decimated. Shorts were decimated with REGN, ALXN, AEGR, SGEN, PCYC. NPSP is next. And then after NPSP, it is KERX. Seriously - get out now and you'll thank me later.

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    • ...and I'm including analysts in the list of people that don't get this stock. Jefferies for instance, raised the PT from $18 to $21. That says to me he doesn't get this stock. the same analyst took the AEGR PT from $50 to $82 (it's now 92 btw), so he gets AEGR, but he doesn't get NPSP. The CEO couldn't have been clearer last night: 3000-5000 in the US @ $295k each. 6000-12000 ex-US, and Natpara will be bigger than Gattex (that's because there are around 80,000 with hyperparathyroidism. So, for the sake of argument, let's say 4000 US @ $295K, 9000 ex-US @ $200K, and 40,000 Natpara @$40K (price has not been set). Add that up and you get a number that is close to 5 billion in revenues. Folks, at that level you are talking about revenue projections for Alexion's Soliris, that has caused that company to have a $23 billion valuation. Or you are talking ibrutinib from J&J/PCYC, that has caused PCYC to have a market cap of $8.2 billion BECAUSE THEY ARE SPLITTING THE REVENUE WITH J&J!!! NPSP is only a 2 billion market cap!!! The minimum PT should be $38-$40 right now!

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    • I agree with your words on NPSP. But KERX? I highly doubt it. Why do you believe KERX will be next?

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