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  • a12watchnow a12watchnow Jan 2, 2014 1:55 PM Flag

    hi all, new to NPS and doing my homework. Can someone tell me how much of the current $3 billion

    valuation is based on Gattex vs how much is based on the pipeline?

    I've been reading about short bowel and it seems like a small opportunity, can't imagine that much if any of the value if based on the this indication

    thx in advance for your insights

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    • a12watch,

      You value biotechs at 6 times sales conservatively. Gattex and Natpara are both $1 billion drugs. Sensipar is going to add a few hundred million before it comes off patent. So, 6 x $2 billion is $12 billion plus $400 million from Sensipar gives you $12.4 billion market cap in about 4 years. Throw in the rest of the pipeline for free.

    • Try doing your own research first. In for 11,000 ave price $6.47

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      • 2 Replies to dmal
      • Congratulations dmal! You did your research, took the risk and it has paid off. I heard about NPSP like most people on Mad Money when the stock was below $10. I bought some shares and did a little research such as learning about Sensipar, Gattex and Natpara. Also a good idea to read the conference call transcripts. I will hold this company long term and I think we'll see $100+ in 3-5 years as you have stated. Long and strong 2000 shares! Best wishes for the New Year!

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      • WoW... flex those mucsles.. if u wanna reply to a fellow investors postdont be a #$%$
        Valuation is built in to the price already but we are waiting on a few good things to happen soon. Nps raised guidance last quarter and the stock slipped giving longs another great buying opportunity. This company is on the rebound and well run... not one to short. Good luck researching.

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