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  • elijahoo1 elijahoo1 Aug 4, 2008 11:52 AM Flag

    Why does Cptc always drop on good news???

    Anyone know... this is not the first time the company comes out with good news and then the stock drops suddenly. just curious is all.

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    • To be honest with you, this was a useless press release. We already knew about the spanish and belgium orders, so where are the new CORE deals. Since they have nothing new to report, they are recycling old news.

      Lets hope for some real turbine orders of the D8.2 version.

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      • spec - this is bigger than the 2 sales mentioned - Lamifil was originally just a strander for CTC and was certified for only a few sizes -- now they are a manufacturer, marketer and distributer - like Far East in China - the only other one in the world other than Gen Cable whose contract has run out.

        I expect they will begin ordering significant quantities of core to make/stock ACCC for near term orders -- recall that ACCC core has a very high margin... until now they have only stranded orders for CTC.

      • I didn't know about them and you say Lamifil isn't news with all the EU sales for core in the last few months? It means another CORE only customer and that means bottom line margin expansion.

    • it is good news but not the news everyone is waiting for. we know we can sell the accc but the big boys need to know we can sell turbines.

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      • Unfortunately that is very true. For me this is excellent news, it really shows or cable is growing and becoming more worldwide known, however a lot of investor currently on board is here for the wind and not the cable even though the cable will have more of the long term growth, where as the wind will be the short term growth. So in till we get wind order this stock will suffer even though our cable is growing greatly, people want wind and are greedy for it for the short term pop, however our cable sector is really starting to shine, and this stock is a good investment maybe not for short term investment, because we don't have any wind turbine order; but this stock is well positioned for long term because of our cable.

        Also by the way, since credit suisse is a investment banking firm, any cooperation trying to buy wind turbines from us but cannot secure a contract cause of the banks not wanting to loan money, because our wind turbines are relatively new, credit suisse could possibly give the finance to the buyer to buy our turbines since now cs is a major holder with us.

      • exactly - and some are probably thinking that is all the news for the week -- actually it is not common for CTC to PR on Mondays.....