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  • cash2go cash2go Dec 31, 2008 2:58 PM Flag

    No end of year tax selling? Last day.

    My guess, look at the size of the short position. The volume has been heavy the last 2 days and would guess some heavy short covering is going on. Maybe technologies that are heavily related to the smart grid, I see Composite in that class, will be the big winners of 2009. Emcor would also be a good play in that sector.

    Speaking of Wind.
    Solar was a big Wall Street 2008 pump. No way solar is ready for mass deployment and investment. I think solar is an area to invest heavily in the research end. Expect Obama to focus on conservation and Emcor is in the right place. Don't know much about the lawsuit action but I do lightly follow the stock. I've spent many hours looking into First Solar, probably the leading solar, and have recently seen the results coming out of Germany. It's not the answer.

    2009, the year of Wind, Conservation and US based technologies, I hope.