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  • luiz_1999_luiz luiz_1999_luiz Feb 6, 2009 3:38 AM Flag

    Articles on CPTC


    As the most watched film solar, Zhengfeng fly workers and Kawasaki have actively entered the field. Zhengfeng workers spend 789 million yuan enter CIGS thin film solar cells, has been completed trial production, the first production line is expected to 5,6 on mass production, each production line capacity up to 35MW, is expected in August this year, and then amplified 8 - 10 production lines, this will add revenue challenges 20 billion, second-generation production line layout is completed, the overall revenue in 2010 will be fighting to tens of billions of dollars. In addition to thin-film CIGS solar cells, the Zhengfeng workers have also developed solar power generation products, including inverter, controller, wiring devices and integration for the end products, In addition, there are small-scale wind power and other products have been sent certification to the customer, the second half of next year there will be more orders for the growth of strength. Chuan-fei is Pramudwinai technology with thin film solar production line to sign an appointment book, expected to Pramudwinai buy 25MW CIGS thin film solar cell membrane Group production facilities. As global manufacturers of compressors瑞智, it is the use of variable frequency and heat pump technology, R & D variable frequency controller, is now used in air-conditioning system and shipped to domestic manufacturers, and plans to mass production to supply the needs of the mainland market. 瑞智said that the heat pump compressor will be able to save a lot of electricity, can be widely used in water heaters and clothes dryers, etc., the product orders have been received, has to supply the Taiwanese market, while the heat pump compressor has been shipped to European customers.,4442,content+120604+122009020200308,00.html

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