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  • luiz_1999_luiz luiz_1999_luiz Feb 28, 2009 12:38 PM Flag

    Where is the CPTC/AEP video?????

    Where the hell is this video that was promise, my hope is going lower and lower each day as a investor. Here is the quote that was said on FEB 18 2009 at the CC

    "On the cable side, again just as another case in point, we had recently a visit from the Director of Transmission for American Electric Power, which has historically been our largest customer in the United States, and came here to discuss results of the progress of our tests to qualify for the ultra high voltage lines that we are striving to obtain in the United States, which would be 765 total. I believe we have passed all those tests, and we're just trying to finalize all of the details. During his visit here he also made a customer testimonial and, which has just been videoed, and I believe will shortly be available. So we're making lots of progress in the cable area in terms of getting the traction and tension which has taken so long for most of the utilities to realize how significant this energy efficient conductor is, and what role it plays now and in the future."

    What does shortly mean to them, to me it means within a week or two not a year or never....

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    • Evening Luiz, Your post here suggest to me that you are waking up from your long sleep. You're actually starting to ask pertinent questions about what you are hearing and seeing coming out of CPTC's PR machine.

      I can emphasize with you, because I used to be a believer as you are and have been. I actually was very, very, long on this stock. I actually believed some of the statements that CPTC's management made. I believed that they were being honest with their projections, statements, and forward looking comments. So, I really can see the turmoil you seem to be going thru now.

      Having said that, it appears that you have entered the "Anger" stage with this company with statements such as ..."Where the Hell is the video.." and "What does shortly mean to them..."

      I suggest to you that Now might be the time, while your waiting for this video to surface, that you go back and re-read some of T Doom's posts from say the last year. I believe this time when you re-read them, you may be able to form a better opinion on just what the "Truth" is with this company and some of the "Tall Stories" they have been pumping out.

      Then for another exercise, go back and re-read the Pumpin-Posting- Pushers of this stock from the same time period. Try not to laugh to hard when you re-read these posts. These pumpers have actually made it very easy to find out who they are, because they are all marked with 5 red stars, as they pat each other on the back for their "brilliant" postings.

      Some of the funniest of these posts are by Harrior, Crapps, Blue Cheese, Boxite_Bob. I would link you to some of them, but they are just too numerous. Stevie is another one you need to re-read.

      GLTY, and remember-- In the end, it's just a game.

    • does anybody know

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      • Why?

        It will most likely be used as a sales/marketing tool to send to potential clients.

        If they just shot the guy from AEP last week, they would need to hire a production company to edit it and produce a final version.

        If the AEP endorsement wasn't the only endorsement on the video there could be more video shooting/editing/etc.

        I have a buddy who is a production editor in NYC and it takes more than a few days to simply edit a 30 sec TV commercial.

        So patience...

        I'd much rather hear about a AEP contract win over a video.