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  • rochet1289 rochet1289 Mar 24, 2009 10:54 PM Flag

    large buyer?

    Sorry t-doom but i am correct on this on, reread my post again, i was talking Soley on share price and the stock cannot be delisted because of that.

    Now if cptc failed to make the appropriate filing with the SEC on the days that it is required it can be delisted down to just a otc. The only difference between otc and is that is mandatory filing with the sec.

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    • YoMama, I didn't read it that way, price only, that is, but if that's what you meant I of course agree. But regarding this clarification of yours, are you suggesting that any public company can continue to sell it's stock to the public no matter how irresponsibly or illegally it behaves after being "downgraded" to mere otc? I mean, even a reg D closely held corporation is subject to certain requirements in private placements, so I fail to understand how an otc can continue forever no matter what even if not a mandatory filer.

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      • OT: If the stock is otc and not unfortunately the SEC does not supervious that exchange allowing a stock to do whatever it want. Companies do not have to file to the SEC on the otc, therefore there are no rules enforcing the company.

        T-doom, since you like watching stocks and not investing in them, from what you say is true with cptc. Watch some stocks that are invested in otc and not just to see how corrupted it is. You may find that interesting.

      • you also fail to understand the basic tenant of humor and objectivity, but we let you slide on those for our own selfish entertainment.