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  • rochet1289 rochet1289 Apr 1, 2009 7:24 PM Flag

    Returned Email from JC.

    So what lawsuit is going to put us in bk smart one? Cptc is trying to sell dewind while dewind operation is frozen, and or cable continues to be profitable. So if we unload dewind, and cable continues to be profitable, how are we going into bk unless we don't sell it in time, but cable is a separate business from dewind if you remember. Now remember im not buying shares but not not selling either, im either going sink with the ship or fly to the moon.

    And oh ya, if you don't' like what you see then get out, plain and simple, or find a way to short it, but you better do it if you can before april 8 lol.

    Im finished trying to justify what i am writing, you guys just keep putting words in my mouth that i am not saying, im not pumping nor bashing. From the beginning of the post i was just trying to be the messenger plain and simple, and actually trying to do dd, which seem that the majority of people are very unappreciated of that. So ill leave the message board back to kx and tdoom, and whoever else that just spams old news and off topic crap in this board, aidos.