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  • cash2go cash2go Apr 3, 2009 12:52 PM Flag

    From my etrade.. article on CPTC

    Bashing? I'm long despite managment's business acumen. I like their product development and cringe at their investor relations/PR department.

    "When CEOs tell stories, it makes honesty and trust come alive," Porrini said. "They energize the words from a code that's up on a wall."

    Small investors looking for a product that has impacted China's infrastructure? Not YET. Ditto for the US.


    Full disclosure. I would love to add at lower prices. I try to post the positives with the negatives on these Yahoo boards full of yahoos pumping and dumping their positions. Micro Caps need to make an effort to distance themselves from the vast number of pump & dump listings that litter the Micro Cap part of the market. You have to attract the small investors that are looking to invest no daytrade the daily headlines. In the long run you build a solid base and are able to hold the 50% plus gaps news can bring.

    Are you daytrading this one?

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    • I agree with Cash2go. I also cringe at the public relations, investor relations attitude of CPTC. The NYT had an article on American Windmill manufacturers and stated there were only two and completely left out CPTC. I emailed CPTC as instructed by their website to inform them of this error but heard nothing back although they claim a response time. They should find some minimum wage or free college interns to handle this routine stuff.

    • Cash, you already seem to be one to keep your emotions out of investing. So, I'll ask you a question that has gone unanswered here for quite some time.

      Knowing that management here overpromises and overstates things, how is it then, that this company doesn't take on the personality of its management?

      It is, after all, how the people in charge interact with other people that makes up a company's character, is it not?

      And if a company were to posess such a character, how could that be good for shareholder's long term benefit?

      Did you know BW sits on a cushy BOD position at a resurrected entity to one he once ran into the ground? Same IP, scadnium. (Ashurst, ala Element 21 Golf.)

      (like throwing meat into shark infested waters, do the disciples get after comments like these, watch.)

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      • "Did you know BW sits on a cushy BOD position at a resurrected entity to one he once ran into the ground? Same IP, scadnium. (Ashurst, ala Element 21 Golf.)"

        PANC is a stock where posters got to hate me. Looking into mamagement and BOD revealed a toxic spider web of companies where BOD & managment infested other losers. PANC actually had several high level analyst following it with buy ratings. I was a little afraid I had found a mafia related biotech centered scaam.


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