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    • If you were to sort your head out and we had a point by point discussion regarding issues without smearing and dragging performance on one into another-highly unlikely, however what this country needs; you would find that I probably agree with a lot of stuff that you hold dear and logical. 9/11 happened because of a build up of several presidencies and is nothing new to the world of colonial relationships. The rich and the poor and the evolving and the extreme have been around for longer than the US. The only twist here was that airplanes were available. Guy Faulkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament quite soon after dinamite surfaced. Like I said Mickey Mouse could have run this country after 9/11. The people were of one mind. Afganistan should have been scrubbed with all available force and rebuilt until the problem was solved. The only problem with torture is that the Bush government was too stupid and let it come out-bad security. Iraq was never a threat and indeed was an enemy of bin Laden as well as Iran. The best US generals advised against going in the way Bush etc did. He fkd up. He made the situation worse. He wasted thousands of lives. He shamed America if only by his incompetence. If he really wanted to do it he should have listened to the experienced generals who told him 400,000 troops and scrub the place clean quickly and then rebuild. He went in and sat on his thumb for eight months while the place festered. Say what you wish about Clinton, Carter, Gore... those can be for other discussions but Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. screwed up so much the only people left in this world who disagree are a handful of blind extreme patriots who bear a striking resemblence to the people who started the whole mess.

    • wl - no one likes that side of the business but for an example - say your daughter or granddaughter has been kidnapped - people saw the dude do it and they have caught him -- he says she is still alive - you let me go and I will call you on my cell and tell you where I buried her in a box....... should we make him sit in the corner -- how about Obamas sleep deprivation method --- my choice is make him talk - one way or the other - and do it quick..

      all he has to do is spill it and he gets free room and board for the rest of his life and if you are lucky you get to save your loved one[s]

    • wl - sort of like sex - depends on your definition of torture -- it would be nice if we were not killing people too - probably will be issuing rubber bullets in Iraq very soon - we should also outlaw the death penalty - and how dare us having a list of people we don't want comming to the US and that double take on the muslem looking guy at the terminal -thats just awful

      Obama and the current admin has already crippled the CIA and they have no intention of stopping their liberal initiatives -- tooo many have so quickly totally forgotten 911. only when it happens again will liberals say 'what happened" and of course Obama will appoint a commission to look into who screwed up.

    • Richie, the "eye in the sky" predator drones eliminating the scumbags while trying to scurry back into their spider holes after attacking US forces, should preclude a house to house search.

    • If you like the idea of torture then why don't we let the cops torture suspects since it seems to work so well. we could let you be the decider of who gets tortured and who doesn't. Some of the foreign countries do it why don't we try it. Craps just so you don't look so stupid it's Pelosi not pulosi

    • I have an idea tell me what you think to make America really safe why don't we just go door to door in the middle east and torture everybody we come in contact until we find out what we want. where in the world would you like to draw the line . Me, myself would like to think the way the US should be is, not to torture. Novel idea I know.

    • doom - I think Obama found his way to the back room of the white house and is beginning to see what really happens at the top -- much harder to vote "absent" when you get there - "too busy writing memoirs" isn't a good enough excuse any more and there are just some things your speach writer can't solve.
      IMO the main reason the doors were left open for 911 was we the people [congress] and our civil rights hogtying the CIA - and we are back at it - more transparency-thats what the CIA needs - maybe we should put Pilosi over the CIA

      and unfortunately I think you are correct about another horrific event -- we have had 8yrs of relative safety - we will see how long that lasts...

    • Typical whining, spoiled, "always somebody else's fault" liberal. So as I hear you explain it, if O'Bambi succeeds it's because he's a genius and if he fails it's Bush's fault, or the fault of republicans who had no part in the passage of his failed, bankrupt, statist policies. It will be absolutely laughable.

      I seem to recall the same nonsense you guys were always saying about B.J. Clinton... smartest guy to ever occupy the White House, etc., and we got attacked over and over again while he was focusing on the next election and the next blow job. The genius who will be remembered not for, "Ask not what your country can do for you..." or even "There you go again", but instead, "I did not have sex with that woman" and "It depends what the meaning of 'is' is." Your kind of genius, for sure, and O'Bambi is well on his way with his "No pork" and "No earmarks" lies.

      After only being in office eight months Bush very easily could have blamed 911 on Clinton, but I guess he was such an idiot he didn't know how to blame the last guy the way your genius seems to do every week. Here the guy runs for the office and then whines about how tough the job is because his predecessor was so awful. A baby with no class at all. Touring the world like a pathetic fool apologizing for America and by extension all of us... we have been a bad, bad country under the last 43 presidents but now that The Messiah is in charge everything will be better. Jimmy Carter did the same thing until the Soviets and Iranians made him look like a complete jackass, and this guy will be even worse because in his first three months he already has said more outright lies and done more to divide Americans than any other president in history. We will definitely get the spanking we deserve, and the ones who will end up worse off both politically and economically will be the very slackers and crybabies who supported him, which will be especially sweet for me to watch.

    • Firstly, no one is more in favor of preventing further attacks on the US or for that matter all democratic nations. Be careful not to us the strongest nation in the world as the most righeous. Secondly, it took 8 years of neglect and extremely low IQ's to create a mess: economic, political, and military(there was no need to go into Iraq. Brave soldiers and innocent civilians have died because of the Idiots: Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfield. Iraqu could have been easily subdued by surgically bombing as many general's homes and military bases as possible. They would have done away with Saddam and a largely intact Iraq would have been there to offset Iran. The Bush White House pushed America back into the colonial period that it was emerging from after Viet Nam. It is always the sign of a shallow patriot to use the blood of brave soldiers who have given their lives for their country to try and prove that the war was just or intelligent. After 9/11, Mickey Mouse could have been president as this country was so galvanized. Left and Right were as one. Bush not only destroyed that but his own party. Now come on tell me again how idiots waving flags are better suited to run this country than someone of high IQ. The only problem with Obama is the mess Bush created is so huge that it makes anyone coming after look bad-even McCain who might have been the man if he had only stuck to his original stance against Bush. Talk about waffling. Give intelligence a chance. Nothing is going to look good for a year or two. No one has anything to say against Obama until the ent of 2010. By then what he is doing now will bud. All politics corrupt and all politicians stink a little. You have to ask yourself, would you rather be lead by and intelligent Democrat or and Idiot Republican?

    • We'll see how you feel as you watch that mushroom cloud rise over Long Beach harbor or a movie theater or shopping mall full of kids gets blown to smithereens in a couple years. I guess it won't matter as long as it's not you. That's the price we always pay when we turn things over to the "blame America first" gang. By the way, how do you feel about O'Bambi flip-flopping on all those terrible Bush protocols... not releasing the "torture" photos after all, proceeding with those evil unconstitutional military tribunals and keeping Club Gitmo open indefinitely?

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