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  • dejem dejem Sep 3, 2010 3:44 PM Flag

    get a #$%^& deal CPTC or get the #$%^& out of business...

    this is getting #%$^& old. What good is a new pres or for that matter any additions unless you create deals and show growth. Get with it. Create something of value besides #$%^& words.

    wnough crap...make a sale!

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    • Jed, with repeated and timeless application of the word "soon" all of his predictions are yet to be proved wrong. After all, just because none of them have ever happened does not mean they never will or haven't already happened in some other universe. He's a good guy even though laughably wrong.

      Reminds me of that DNC chairman over the weekend talking about how proud the Democrats should be of their accomplishments as they all are back home in their districts trying run as Ronald Reagan and Sheriff Joe.

    • All valid points Doom. When BW was asked at the shareholder meeting about executive compensation and the continuous serving of their own interest over the shareholder (and the company), there was a long moment of silence. BW may or may not have been blushing but regardless, he was speechless. Clear examples why investment firms have not come on board and there are fewer investors than there were a year ago.

      I'm sure Craps has some "wise" statement to the contrary but despite what his mother tells him, he does not have a very good track record when it comes to accuracy or predictions.

    • Jed, on top of all this they have tens of millions of zero-basis shares and additional warrants which alone should be more than enough incentive to create valuation, but it appears the only value they see in share ownership is maintaining their iron-fisted control over the company, their employment and compensation. It is "their" company, not yours.

    • That's a good point Doom and the unwarranted bonuses have always been my biggest complaint.

      As far as base salary, sometimes you do what you have to do for the good of the company, especially when the company is barely afloat. The officer base salaries are border line high and for only 110 odd employees they are a bit extreme.

      I believe it's fair at this stage of the game to tie total compensation to success or failure. The under the table bonuses don't establish trust with investors. If you want to get new investors, you need transparency and accountability, both if which seem to be lacking here.

      For the record Craps, I would not be amazed at the hours they put in and no amount of hours they put in would impress me.

    • Jed, Craps didn't even care when Benton and Marve took their bonuses anyway last year despite the targets not even being met, changing completely the original plan after the fact, basing it instead upon the sale of DeWind and falsely claiming it was "deferred raises".

      When it comes to undeserved and outrageous officer compensation Craps agrees with that idiot congressman Hastings down in Florida, "There ain't no rules around here... we're trying to get something accomplished".

    • jed - it is good to know that you are more positive than you posts indicate as you seem to agree with me in that they have "huge reward potential"

      I doubt you can find many companies with such a technology breakthrough product with a similar world wide reach in marketing who pays their execs less. I suspect you would be amazed at the hours the top guys put in at CTC.

      you really should sell your shares and move on to something more suitable for your risk tolerance

    • What are you talking about? They have little to no risk and huge reward potential.

      "work involved in running a company like this" - spare me

      Most start-ups have company committed execs, thank you for confirming that CTC does not.

    • nope - I think that would be silly - that amount would be a drop in the bucket for operations and would cause any competent exec's to seek other employment

      they have a good incentive pay plan - lets see if it works

      what you guys don't realize is there is great risk and relentless work involved in running a company like this

      if doom is half right on his silly predictions of sp their options will be worthless

    • I agree 100%. A company committed team would do what it takes to cash flow. They have and I suspect always will look out for themselves rather than the good of the company. A 50% decrease in compensation seems more than reasonable.

      What do you think Craps? Do you agree that the entire administration team should take a 50% cut in compensation?

    • They are doing nothing now that they have not tried and failed at before. Cut officer pay in half and restore it only after sales have exceeded fifty million and the company is break-even and maybe you'll see some results... but that will never happen because this company is all about selling a story to YOU so they can obtain endless debt financing to pay THEM.

      You'll see.

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