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  • teedoornpickens teedoornpickens Jul 7, 2011 8:21 PM Flag

    7/7/11 New news article, not commented on?

    We now have 8 revenue related news items over the past 18 days: 1) Far East proudly talking about using ACCC on a new project, 2) Sterlite certified ACCC and is aggressively showing it on their web site, 3) a utility covering 70% of Scotland took their first order, 4) A major USA utility installed ACCC to increase capacity, 5) a second UK order is placed (400kv line), 6) Indonesia places a 350km ACCC order; 1/3 the size of Paraguay, 7) Poland installs another ACCC line, and 8) Belgian TSO Elia selects ACCC conductors to double the load transfer capacity of a 150-kV line. (Links available on request)

    All that happened over the past 18 days, while the machines aready are running profitably.

    What we are seeing, I believe, is the beginning of the pay off of Ramsay's and Sepe's salesmanship. It would be interesting if the USA, Nigeria, Poland, the UK, Egypt, South Korea, etc came in with a "game changer."

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    • I don't know about you, but I don't kiss and tell, so I will let you know when I'm back in the black, and soon, when I sell at a profit, I'll let you know that too.

    • I'm not whining. I'm enjoying the show and commenting on the actors. My choices haven't been better.

      Once again, Craps, how far in the hole are you with this stinking sewer rat of a stock?

    • pedal - look at yourself -- "anyone who cares about investing moves on to greener pastures" and ol pathetic you are STILL here whining. give me a break!!!

    • "...raising 10-15M for a company with CTCs potential is a sure thing..."

      Sure thing, Craps.

      Craps, like T says, you just keep averaging down while anyone who cares about investing moves on to greener pastures. For credibility sake (as well as the newbies in the audience), why don't you tell the forum how long ago you first bought stock into this thing and hint at your average cost today? The rest of us can fill in the blanks of your prediction record versus stock price to provide a more robust picture of your track record.

      The bottom line is to pathetically pump this floater, rain or cloud, for over 7 years and still be defending it as it goes through it's death throes is NOT a badge of anything but proven STUPIDITY! EOM

    • thanks Co - Im sure they have to be careful in what they say about the case and when they can say it..

      I was [until recently] more concerned about the knee jerk reaction by customers than I was about CTCs ability to exit the bk -- looks like things will work out fine - although some companies will likely delay orders until the bk is over --- of course then they may be getting in a long line... as things appear to be perking up around the world.

    • coloradogolfteammember1967 coloradogolfteammember1967 Jul 8, 2011 12:44 PM Flag

      JC stated that CTC is working on getting this info cleared for PRing. Another step forward towards profitablity.

    • The DeWind sale? Is that the best you can do? We sell the assets of that subsidiary, but not the liabilities, at over a hundred-twenty million dollar loss, tie up half the money in escrow for a few years, forfeit another six million in the last escrow release that subsequently threw us into bankruptcy... and you are crowing that it was a sale that I predicted would never happen? Guess what... it didn't. We sold the assets, not DeWind, then changed the name to Striborg and we still have all the liabilities, including the FKI litigation. So even there I was right and you were wrong.

      The same thing will happen here... all the assets will be sold and operations shut down with CTC the entity remaining, but the difference is that the liabilities will be discharged through the bankruptcy so we will be back where we started with Eldorado... a dormant shell trading on speculation and rumor.

    • yah - you should hold your breath on that one

      whatever financing is needed will get done - CTC will emerge from Ch-11 and hit the ground running with major orders and revenue - they will go back to work on prosecuting those who have attempted to steal their IP - and those of us who have played this one right will be sitting back with a big smile on our faces.

      even you know that raising 10-15M for a company with CTCs potential is a sure thing. they will delay as long as practical and gather all the revenue/cash they can to minimize the loan - but it will be done timely and you will look the same fool you did with all your wishful and pathetic comments about the DeWind sale.

    • Yeah, it's just too bad that the company we own stock in will no longer own the patent rights to ACCC or the assets to manufacture it after August 4th. But the new owner should have a good time of it along with any they are forced to grease from the existing insider gang like Benton, DJ and JC.

    • actually it was perfect timing - right in the middle of reconductor season....

      I particularly liked this part where they looked at all the available choices and selected ACCC as the BEST CHOICE

      Aluminum conductor steel-supported (ACSS), gap-type super thermal-resistant aluminum conductor steel-reinforced (GZTACSR), aluminum conductor composite-reinforced (ACCR) and aluminum conductor composite-core (ACCC) conductors all were considered for this project. After analyzing the cost-benefits of this major investment, Elia opted for the ACCC Lisbon 325 conductor because of its advantages

      btw temps are consistently running over 100 degrees this year and breaking records every day - loads are peaking way early this summer - the utilities are doing their max sag surveys and they just might be looking to ACCC to geterdone

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