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  • bird_on_a_spring bird_on_a_spring Jul 7, 2006 12:57 AM Flag

    what the heck!!?!?!?

    I've been "averaging down" on this stock since $11.40! It started to move back up into the 10's and it looked like the worst was over, now it can't even seem hang on to $9.00!

    Seriously, does anyone know the reason why this stock just keeps dropping? Where's the bottom?

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    • Where's the bottom?

      Your guess is as good as mine...and my guess is that this stock will hit at least $7 before it sees $11 again.

      Ya know, there were other broadcasting stocks that have at least held their value vs SGA:

      ....but you really wouldn't have made any real money on that either...just wouldn't have lost as much.

      You might want to consider a tighter stop-loss on risky plays like this....they can prevent excessive hemmoraging when an attempt is made to catch a falling knife.

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      • $7.95 close today. Now it's slipping below $8.00??!?!?! I had figured it was way oversold at $9.00, and would start to climb from there.

        Does anyone think that this stock can rebound to $10/share before the end of the year? At $8.00, I'm down over 20% in less than 6 months and I am hoping I get one more bounce out of this stock so I can cut my losses on this one.

        I agree about the economy. I'm starting to get worried about a recession, so I'm taking a look at my portfolio and trying to get away from stocks that i think will get burned during a general downturn.

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