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  • cocoapotomac cocoapotomac Feb 26, 2009 10:21 AM Flag

    Pay cuts

    announced 5% across the board starting 3/13. Gee- do ya think this next earnings announcement is going to be good? Yet- no word on a pay cut for Mr. ed yet....

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    • So what part of "across the board" do you fail to understand? To me that would include the corporate office. The entire corporate office.

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      • OK, let's see, I think Ed got a 250K raise not long ago so knock off 5% of his 950K and how is he supposed to live off of 900K a year?
        Jane Blow the receptionist makes 22K and she loses $1100 that seems like a very big cut in these hard times. But I guess everyone should just be glad they have a job to bitch about.

      • Anger there? Many have already had 30% cuts with expansion of duties and the trite "we were going to let you go but, la la". Ed's long and rambling memos that place blame in the same manner the Rush ditto heads do- on everyone else but themselves- show him to be out of touch and disconnected with the future of the medium. This company is now making decisions to meet "bank" demands- so where do you think things will go from here?

    • ...and apparently he intends to keep it up. Cocoa, I apologize for calling you out. You are the bigger person for apologizing. Bob - I had your back and you screwed me over. Unbelievable.

    • Truth is that it's an exciting time- much reinvention will come from this era- much needed. The iphone/blackberry app will put any fm radio station in any car anywhere in the world. What then? Even then we will still need mega locality- people talking spontaneously about the moment on a local basis. Terrestrial radio's idea of high tech is to put a video in the studio- zoom- we're way past that. Integration of the national social networks with local frequencies- nearly as an accessory - is the least they should be doing.

      But then, I guess we should just be proud that Bob has e mail now shouldn't we? It is after all Bob- a series of tubes...

      Is 50 yrs old young to you Bob?

    • How about paying them based on performance Bob? That would put Ed at receptionist pay. Then maybe he'd be inspired enough to think about what the future of the medium is and leave his office- actually visit the stations- and talk to people who aren't Republicans in denial.

      PS- You're a holder? Ouch. Must be Obamas fault right? Let me guess- like Rush- old white fat and blaming everybody else for your own misfortune...

    • like for things to be better, but to just say "oh a guy is old, he has no ideas" is very counterproductive. I am sure a young "high achiever" like you could solve all the ills of SGA inspite of the current industry and general economy woes. Tell me what would you do differently?

    • you have such a pathetic life that you need to try to denigrate people based on age! I am sure you are sooo smart, did you invent the internet, or was that your dem buddies? I am sure only someone as young and immature as you obviously are is smart enough to make big money in this industry at this time!

    • HELLO!!!!!!
      A lot of Saga employees are stockholders too!

    • He started it... (whine whine)... called me ignorant. But... ok well... I'm sorry Bob.

      No hatred. A sincere interest in seeing this bastion of class maintain itself. Nothing wrong with prodding them a bit to think more is there? They've seemed acutely out of it. Even apologetic. I really think they can do more than the CC Bain investor hacks- innovation- new ideas come from smaller companies like this. But they seem to be falling into the same "banker" led P & L format for dealing with the times.

      I think this is one of the few companies who could've afforded to experiment due to their patience with formats and personnel. But alas- that conservativism could be their undoing. Do you think it will just be the status quo only a better market two years from now?

    • Lars, give me a break, I didn't "screw you over". This guy came into this board with a huge chip on his shoulder, I called him out and then he went off on a tangent on age? I called his rants ignorant, and I stand by that. He offered a lame appology to me, all the while inferring he was the injured party. He gets no slack or respect from me.

    • Obamas' fault right Bob? What did Rush say today?

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