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  • Maupiti Maupiti Apr 27, 1999 1:27 PM Flag

    Why MXWL is tanking

    Read S-3 form dated 3-29-99 (419,868 shares to be sold by persons named " selling stock holders".See for the whole filing. Also,only one analist is still folowing MXWL.

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    • Cashplayer writes in message 709 that SEI plus a mxwl division
      is worth the whole of mxwl today. The devil is in the details--
      Would cashplayer please provide the arithmetric?

    • Why do you assume that everyone is dumb enough to
      ride a stock down from the 40's to 15??? just because
      you did that in lxr, doesn't mean everyone is that
      stupid... I just closed out a very nice and profitable 6
      day trade on friday.. Have been in and out of mxwl
      MANY times on the way down... BUY AND HOLD like you
      did on lxr... No way, Anyway... Take your crusaid
      somewhere else.. Go to the SEC if you have a case...I think
      that this board would rather get back to MXWL.. You
      HAVE WARNED us all now.. we are big boys ang girsl..
      we will take cash's comments with your views in mind
      .. SO LEAVE ALREADY!!!

    • Listen asshole, you have no idea what went on so
      shut your big, ass licking mouth. There have been
      allegations about this guy which have gone far beyond posting
      on these stupid boards. This guy's operation always
      works the same way -- gain your trust on the board with
      his "above the fray" comments and then lure you in
      with private e-mails and a phone call or two from his
      home base in Florida.

      You, you dumb bastard
      are the moron. You rode this loser down from 42 to 19
      in a straight line in a roaring bull market and have
      the balls to criticize anyone? Go and wipe the brown
      off of your nose and accept slick Rick for what he is
      -- a lying stock manipulator. He was too much of a
      coward to resurface on the LXR board after the castle
      crumbled and instead apologized to a joker like you.

      Why don't you worry about your own problems with this
      laughable stock and stop protecting this pathetic excuse
      for a broker? It must be pretty painful watching your
      stock go down so much, huh? I guess though, it's better
      to take out your frustrations in this forum than by
      beating your wife or kicking the dog.

      Now why
      don't you crawl back into the wall where you came from
      and go and enjoy some more "private e-mails" with
      your boyfriend. I will continue to make certain that
      the truth be told. Here's a towel -- now go and clean

    • I received several private e-mails from cash re
      lxr.. He was high on the stock. he provided me with
      information. I CHOOSE NOT TO PLAY after doing my own
      research... If the former posters were stupid enough to take
      as gospel ANYTHING that someone who they don't trust
      and know they deserve ALL the losses that they have
      incurred... The market is NOT a one way up ride... as an
      investor/speculator you are responsible for your own stupidity...

      As far as I have seen in over 2 years of reaing
      this board.. and by the way I have been in and out of
      mxwl for 10 years!!!.. Cash has NOT lied or
      misrepresented anything to anyone...He often expresses his idea
      the mxwl is a strong buy, but how is that any
      different from any other brokerage house analyst, age 24,
      yrs in bus 1, who basically doesn't have a clue about
      what makes the wold go around..
      I received a very
      straightforward note from Rick apologizing for the bad call on
      lxr... In it he admittd that things had not worked out
      the way he had projected ... I am not his client, nor
      did I invest money with his firm... I have simply had
      a private e-mail correspondence re mxwl with him
      for a year or so...
      The guy made a bad call.. It
      has NOTHING to do with MXWL and I resent the fact
      that you assholes from the lxr board who were
      basically stupid enough to make a shitty investment are
      crapping up an otherwise decent board with your carping
      and bitching... You lost.. so fucking what...
      everyone loses sometimes... Put the blame where it
      belongs... ON YOURSELF and quit bitching on this board.. As
      far as I am concerned, Cash brings something of value
      to our discussion.. Your complaining adds nothing
      ... we are all responsible for evaluating his as well
      as other information...

      I suggest that you
      assholes from the lxr board grow up and fess up to momma
      that you bet the farm and lost... Maybe the couch
      isn't all that bad!!!

    • his (or her) statements have turned out now to be
      not only vindictive but now provably false. i know
      cashplayer and anyone that e-mails to his identity will
      receive a response so there is no secret who he is. citn
      can't back up anything about the paranoid vileness he
      dumps on this forum.

    • Subj: Maxwell Technologies' I-Bus Industrial
      Computer Unit...
      Date: 5/6/99 3:49:50 PM Eastern
      Daylight Time
      From: AOL News

      Maxwell Technologies' I-Bus Industrial Computer Unit
      Signs Agreements Valued At $10 Million

      DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 6, 1999--Maxwell Technologies
      (Nasdaq:MXWL) announced today that its I-Bus industrial
      unit has signed agreements with three
      customers that are expected to produce sales of
      approximately $10
      million over the next three

      The agreements call for I-Bus to supply fully
      integrated PC
      platforms to Brooktrout Software, Hammer
      Technologies and I-Link Inc.
      Tom Horgan, Maxwell's chief
      executive officer, said that the
      agreements are
      indicative of I-Bus' position as a leading supplier
      industrial computer solutions for a wide array of

      "Each of these companies is a leader in its industry
      segment, and
      the opportunity to work with them
      positions I-Bus to participate in
      markets that in some cases are growing at more
      100 percent annually," Horgan said. "In the case of
      Hammer, this is in
      addition to an agreement valued at
      $7 million that we announced in
      December 1998, so
      it is an indication both of our commitment
      customer satisfaction and to the breadth and versatility
      of I-Bus'
      product line."

      I-Bus will supply
      fully integrated PC platforms for
      Software's Professional Services Group, which develops total
      solutions for interactive voice response and call
      management; for
      Hammer's advanced test system load
      simulator, including the
      industry-leading VoIP test
      suite; and for I-Link's new enhanced
      Protocol telecommunications platform.

    • The stock tanked on last quarter's weak top line
      performance. The decline accelerated when at least one
      momentum fund and some new owners (stock deals) bailed
      out. Tom tried to stem the decline but he lacks Ken's
      fluff and was unable to appease some fundamental owners
      who then sold. If Tom produces results, as I believe
      he will, then the company's growth will take the
      stock back to the 40's. I sure hope he does as this is
      still my largest position by far. Regards, Stockwise98
      (not Cashplayer) and Moneymgr

    • Stockwise98 - Glad to hear from you again on a
      Maxwell board. I remember the good ol days with Maxwell
      and your comments as Moneymgr on Motley Fool. Would
      appreciate any of your input as in the past. By the way, I
      was accused as being Cashplayer in the past also.

    • It pains me to take the time to answer CITN_OK's
      post but I feel if I don't someone might assume his or
      her's wild accusations are true. For the record, I am
      not Cashplayer or RT nor do I have any relationship
      with them whatsoever. I have no other identity on
      YAHOO, but I was Moneymgr on AOL's Motley Fool message
      board where I created the MXWL board years ago. Now
      let's skip the personal attacks and stick to posting
      useful information, questions and answers.

    • I can assure you that I am not the same immoral
      person that you claim cash is... I for one would like
      for you to "expose his true identity" warts and
      all... If he has in fact posted untruthful info, not to
      be confused with opinion, I would like to hear about
      it... I would ask you to document your OPINION about
      his character... It simply is not good enough for you
      to allude to past pumps and dumps.. I know all about
      lxr.. He made several pitches to me, I did my own
      research and passed... I am on several of his mailing
      lists.. I will say it one more time.. Cash often digs out
      POSITIVE information re mxwl... I don't expect him to tell
      me the bad and neither should you...
      If you
      were dumb enough to buy mxwl at 40 when it was topping
      after a parabolic move, based on something that cash
      said, YOU should look in the mirror for someone to
      blame. We are all responsible for our orders...

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