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  • yahoo yahoo May 12, 2005 2:47 AM Flag

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    • tfberry, Didn't you chastise some posters for personal attacks awhile back? Something like that proves you have no constructive arguments!

      What you fail to understand is that those of us with a long view do not care what happens today, tomorrow, or even a year from now. We are looking for significant gains in turnarounds (usually from two to three and up to five years. True it is dead money until the process is complete, but who is going to make more money - you with gains of 15 to 35% a year or me with gains of 150 to 500 % in two or three years.

      You shouldn't call us losers just because MTP has not regained in price yet. Next year at this time if MTP is still in the 6/7 range, you can call me a loser and I will agree with you. My guess is it will be in the 12 to 14 range. For the shares I purchased recently, that is about double and I can live very well with a 100% return every year. Uncle Sam has this great little item called tax loss selling that makes it OK to get into a stock too soon. The losers are those who wait until a lot of the gain (or loss) has happened before they jump on (or off) the bandwagon (Buyers of MTP from $50 up when it was climbing and sellers from $45 and below when it was falling). For the record again, I started buying back in at $45 and never expected MTP to drop below $30. It has and I have bought all the way down, but we won't know if I was right for a year after the dust settles (and that could still be a while).

    • Bedtime??? Come now you can save us all in the AM after you get your NEW "Back to school" books and stuff ready. Sleep tight you little rascal!!