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  • game_over1976 game_over1976 Oct 28, 2003 2:56 PM Flag


    Stock is up and yes leadership sucks but that will change. They are getting rid of the dead wood aka sales reps who have been here 10 years and are still not hitting quota. DNB has made a smart move by hiring young aggressive hunters who are willing to find business and not wait for it to come. Stock is overvalued but the company has good products that can and will sell if they change management. Stop bashing the company and get a job people.

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    • Other than your poor hygiene, what else do you have for us today?

      I don't suppose you work for CSCO, too?

    • How dare you call me an assclown! I am a highly qualified engineer. I have never been so insulted in my life. You, rew, are rude. And although I have no response for your "assclown" comment, in fact it has left me speechless, I hope that you think about your actions and feel just terrible. "Assclown"! The nerve! This type of behavior would never be tolerated in Mayberry, Andy!

      Jeez. What a joke rew is! Indeed, I have NEVER seen someone as pathetic. But Jazzy is close. Rew can't even slam someone well! Where does he get the strength not to jump off a bridge?

    • I don't know where you get your idea that DNB is getting rid of "dead wood". Some of the people that are getting let go have been highly successful sales people that had one bad year and boom, they are gone. I don't think that young and aggressive cuts it in the DNB world. It is way different selling information than it is selling chips. You have to know what you are talking about and you can't leave them a sample of your "concept" like you can a chip. You are talking about financial information and if the person representing DNB can't answer the customers question, they will lose confidence in DNB.

      DNB better be careful when they start cutting experienced sales people as the experienced rep establishes a relationship with their customers. When you start playing musical chairs with the reps, the customers will start looking elsewhere for their information.

      Don't get me wrong, I have been long on DNB, but I don't like what they are doing to their sales people. Remember, the sales staff brings in the bacon.


    • Exactly what are those young aggressive hunters hunting? Deer, or most likely dear...

      Organic growth of 2 or 3% is the same as it was 6 or 7 years ago under the 5 Key Blunders/"Horse Race with Inflation". Revenue performance is practically identical. Do some homework before you make unsubstantiated statements.

      It seems the supporters here like to misrepresent the facts, and dismiss people with opposing views as unemployed, daft, impotent, homeless people that can't read a balance sheet. It's a little bit of a immature, tiring exercise of shifting the focus of the real issues, don't you think?

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