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  • investguy37 investguy37 Jan 12, 2005 6:58 PM Flag

    New Data Quality Program

    Here is the latest response from my D&B sales rep on declining data quality during my contract renewal conversation.

    Me: " I am not ordering as many reports as I have in the past because the amount of information in the reports is declining. There are less financials provided and the background information is often incomplete"

    Rep: "We are addressing data quality issues through a new prgram."

    Me: "what new program?"

    Rep: "If you buy 10% more than last year, you can use up to 3 times of what you pay in service. So, if you had a $10,000 agreement and you buy $11,000 this year, you can use up to $33,000 in service."

    Me: "That's the data quality program? What about getting more financial information, what about more complete history and s/l/j information?

    Rep: " Did I mention you get 100% carryover?"

    Me: "sounds like the old accelerate plan from the George Martin days?"

    Rep: "No, not really. We dropped Duns Dial units years ago."

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    • Do u feel the pain

    • Pictures of lowdownwillie and the clown and people wonder why he has been "Strong Buy" on DNB for years.

      I know all the players as well as anyone and I can say that while Smitty did a great job n Portland, he welcome has worn thin. I think calling Spangey crazy is over the top.

      Many called him crazy when he made the Detroit office start pant less Friday and bring your cat to workday. Productivity was never higher then when there no pants in sight and cat poop everywhere.

      Durkinboy is nothing more than a crazy obese Canadian that has drank and ate his way to the top.

      Good riddance to Smitty.

    • STFU, Dr Jerry Robinson! Larry in accounting never bought into a plan in his life. And as for Lynda and I, what happens in A-City stays in A-City (except for the clown/LDWillie story).

      All these losers do is complain and whine on this board. Well, the returns for investors speak for themselves. These losers here left and DNB didn't skip a beat.

      I'd say someone's firing finger at DNB has good aim.

      Go Kreller! Tucson looks like a tea party compared to what we got planned over here.

      THE Smitty

    • Durkinboy, you amuse me. No, I need not list the reasons why I think everyone here is an idiot.

      Spangey has lost his mind! That's why quit! Last month he asked me into his office and made me watch 3 episodes of that Jim Belushi show to explain it to him. The month before that he started singing Mississippi Mud during a client call and made Peterson dance for all of us.

      I don't ever want to see Peterson dance again. Low down willie didn't help things when he suggested we all throw coins at his feet.

      The month before that Spangey told a group of us about a dream he had where he discovered he was really just two midgets stacked on top of each other. He said "How do any of us know that we aren't?" Really freaked me out and he kept checking his belly button. Durkin said he'd like to be two bear cubs, but not midgets.

    • Full disclosure, I pink-bellied jim throckmorton at a bar in cleveland back in the late 90's. He's probably still upset because it was in front of a new account of his. I assure you it was only the liquor in me talking and I actually like Jim.

      Smitty is pretty upset about the things said about him on this board. He feels everyone here is an idiot, but I'm sure he can defend himself...and you can't argue with his past successes.

    • I have worked at DNB for 15 years and can tell you a few things!

      Spangey is a mad man. I've seen him at his best when he has led the NA sales team to great hieghts and I've seen him at his lowest when he looked for the next head to roll.

      Smitty is the only person i know with a bigger ego than Spangey and it has cost him many times. Spangey can play the game, Smitty can not.

      When will they learn? The power of DNB is the people.

    • we had a Mike Stens.. that thought he would be king of D&B one day and then we sent him to Singapore to fade away. We had crazy Mike in Portland and that was a big piece of what went wrong there. I used to go to the Portland office and it was like visiting a prison where they were starving the inmates.

      The only one crazier then Mike in Portland was DurkinBoy and the nut job in Dallas.

    • Is Mike Stens in Portland?

    • Smitty in Tucson and Smitty in Portland are one in the same.

      I was in Tucson! I was Bill Bak's personal dentist at the time.

    • drjerryrobinson

      Believe you mis-understood my reference to Smitty. What was said is that if you were in Tucson the person who fell off the stage would never post such things as Smitty does on this board, the actual person who fell off during the talent show has more class than that of Smitty on this board.

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