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  • tropicrazy tropicrazy Jul 24, 2009 12:41 PM Flag

    "No Fun To Work For"

    I am a current employee of one of their smaller business units. I spend more time on Sales Force and filling out useless forms than I do actually selling (in fact one of these very large forms was just put on my desk). This company is so laden with processes, run by data heads, not people-people. With a chain of command that puts me closer to Obama than to the CEO, you wonder how many titles and managers ("Leaders") a guy needs.If you are so worried about my day-to-day activities shouldn't you have put more weight on that "Task" when you hired me. I am damn good at what I do, have a super education, and have more sense of how to grow my business & maintain great PR without you looking at my every move. At the very least, if you in upper management created attainable goals in the first place and eased up with the scare-in-the-workplace tactics we would all be better off.

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    • But what about all those Starbucks gift cards we gave you. Or what about the email we sent to everyone in the company Congratulating you? You have to remember if it is not in doesn't exist.

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      • You also forget the $5000 contests, the $3500 big screens, trips to Bermuda, a cruise and best of all, the "overacheivement" big time bonuses. Very few left that remember these, but it went on monthly. If you didn't hit the $3000 monthly bonus (minimum), people laughed at you. Now your lucky not to owe too much in payback. I know some people who left and actually got a bill owing money back in commissions!! Glad I bailed when it was $106.

    • Bravo!!

    • WOW! I'm trying to figure out what I should do with my D&B stock and came across this board. As a former employee I'm shocked that D&B is still experiencing the same issues that were rampant when I left over 3 years ago. I held a few positions in Channel Management supporting inside and outside sales teams. To throw in my two cents as a former employee. The biggest problem was in 2 areas. Senior and Middle Sales Management are not aware and don't care what district/direct sales managers do as long as they hit their numbers. When the Direct Sales Managers don't hit their numbers Middle Managers then try to cover their ass by installing draconian metrics to measure sales people. This is basically to cover their ass and show senior management they are theoretically squeezing as hard as they can.

      The other major problem is with District/Direct Sales Managers. Many especially in Inside Sales played favorites. Don't get more wrong every manager has favorites but many of the managers in inside sales took this to the extreme. Many District Managers went out of their way to hire friends and family members of other managers they were friendly with etc. District Managers would then make sure their "friends" achieved their target by giving them choice accounts. This was no secret among most people in the channel. The culture was horrible and moral was bad because or this practice I challenged a middle manager about this practice as it disgusted me and was told directly that "making numbers is all that mattered". The problem with this practice is that it creates a group of top salespeople who can't sell when the times are tough. They are used to making numbers by artificial methods. So until they get District/Direct Sales Managers who will commit to making sure every sales person fairly D&B in my opinion will have tough times in fair or tough economic times.

      Just to give insight into what my new organization does. Our salesforce in on target to hit our target which included 7% growth to 2008 numbers. It is done because Direct Managers are accountable for each and every person hitting their numbers. If a a sales person missed their quarter the manager must put in place a plan to get that person back to target. Senior Managers do not fault the sales people for not hitting their target but the Direct Managers. Senior Managers question each Direct Manager to explain why each person is succeeding or failing. Direct Managers must make sure all the account portfolios are fair and are fired for misconduct in this area. This I saw in my first week. Just a hint D&B.

    • From what I heard, they have let a few people go in Naperville two months ago and have been letting people go in cycles at Center Valley.

    • Well, you don't need that many people to get the data: State Registration info (online or bulk?), suits and leins (in bulk?), and receivable files (electronic, and theres not that many are there?). And they have outsourced IT, so I'm not clear why they need as many people as they have now. Will they cut more?

    • 425 on 12/31/08. Another 200 end of February. About 125 in Q3. They started with 4,900; now about 4,150 - a decrease in heads of 15.3%...

      They spent a little on internal product development of course. They have the strategy of buying companies that offer technology & services they don't have and attempt to integrate them. Majority of those M&A deals gave them far less revenue than they expected.

    • 425 in January; how many in August? How many are left?

      They must have invested in *something* on the product/segement/revenue side in the last 3-4 years??

    • I was one of the 425 folks who left on 12/31, which included heavy hits to product development (heads and funding), finance, and support. From what I understand 2 more rounds of cuts happened in 2009 with another one rumored.

      The real hit was marketing, not credit; although that did decline. Marketing is a luxury that many companies, especially the government owned banks are not spending on.

      Nothing is in the new product pipeline, all the funding has been cut from what I understand.

    • The place went downhill first when the Durkin boy and Spangey left for that chicken company. Then, they returned, Smitty faked his own death, the stock (and morale) went to the moon!

      But gravy days ended when Spangey retired as he was the firebrand behind most of what made DNB great. Sure, the morons at Great Hills have dancing Peterson and the wheelchair guy, but morons they remain.

      I walked in there yesterday and I felt none of the passion Durkin was famous for. Plus, there was a monkey leading a goat in the parking lot (if you know what I mean).

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      • Frank, where ya been!!??

        I'm beginning to think the place went down the shitter when you stopped posting here!!!

        DurkinBoy is having fun at MDR, while 1/2 the sales force has been dismissed, or moved to "tele-sales". I'm sure the new tele-sales reps will be dialing for new jobs more than dialing for new business.

        John Cucci Rocks! I love that guy and want to give him a big hug & kiss everytime I see him. For without him, the incompetant managers he has on his Team would never find jobs elsewhere!!!!

        Morale is lower here than any company in the world. Gitmo is a better place to be!!

        God Bless D&B.....

    • Nicely stated. The place has become a joke.

      No managers but left even know the business, but need do know the forecast hiurly like a stock ticker or something. I report to 4 Leaders and have "1:1's" with them all.

      As dysfunctional an organization as I've ever seen!

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