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  • notsaramathew notsaramathew May 14, 2012 10:18 PM Flag

    D&B Announces 1Q2012 Results; Revises Revenue & Free Cash Flow Full Year Outlook

    Interesting Q&A. Finally, after 5+ years of bleeding customers and employees they've decided to acquire larger new customers. They're so used to NOT doing this that they actually sounded like they were patting themselves on the back for thinking of this novel new idea.

    Did anyone ever tell them that every S&P 500 company EXCEPT D&B tries to acquire new customers? Of all sizes? Imagine the head of SFDC saying "we just came up with a great new idea, one that we've seen succeed in other channels, to acquire new customers." It's laughable.

    When Shlomo asked Byron about whether they have the plans already moving on acquiring larger customers you could hear him thinking "Oh S*it, I need a plan!" He hemmed and hawed with valor though.

    Meanwhile, if these "get new customers" plans are as effective as the job done at CIO of keeping DNBi up (it was down constantly), fixing Purisma (SOLD IT OFF) or running RMS (DECLINING FASTER EVERY DAY) unfortunately they might as well just blow the money on another going away party -- who will it be for this time?

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