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  • whbuncensored whbuncensored Jul 21, 2011 9:33 AM Flag

    federal tax on soda pop now!

    Congress should immediately enact a stiff excise-tax
    both to raise federal revenue and to discourage
    excessive domestic-consumption of a deleterious product.

    Other nations would likely follow suit.

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    • You're dillusional. Tax soda? That won't stop an "addict" from consumption, just cause them to bleed more money from something else. Cigarette taxes show that it has no impact. people still flock to buy them at outrageous prices. No. Don't tax soda, but if you do -- tax all "obesity contributing" food items equally -- fatty hamburgers, pizza, chips, donuts, pastries, etc. etc. etc. Grow up. Focus on the real issues -- education, portion control, moderation, and parental oversight at home. And most importantly -- a transition from a sedentary life style into an active lifestyle. IE -- "tax" the video games and video game systems, not the soda....until kids go back outside and play. Heck, while you are at it, tax the air conditioners, and tvs, and DVDs for their contribution to people sitting in the house and just eating and not exercising. You are so missguided in your approach, it isn't even funny....

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