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  • creatio1 creatio1 Dec 19, 2009 6:15 PM Flag

    Clinuvel Website Updates

    Slow board for sure. However, if you are newly looking at Clinuvel, they do a fair job with investor updates. You will find trial status and 3rd-party reviews. Some of the most comprehensive (stand-alone) reports are the Clinuvel annula or quarterly slide shows.

    Looking for partners here to discuss prospects.


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    • I agree. There is something to be said about a gut that you get about a stock. Warren Buffet talks about going with your gut after doing the due diligence. Ever since I got turned onto this stock, the more research I do, the more my whole being says we will be rich in the future. And the fact that this economy has helped to tank this stock price makes our future profit that much greater. I'm thinking that if we were having this conversation about this stock in the 80s or 90s (when the market was stronger) the shareprice would probably be $2.00 bucks just on speculation in a good market. I think it was Wolgen who referred to a lot of foreign money that got pulled out of the stock, making the price come down so much. This bad economy may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for those of us deep into this stock at low prices. Never in my life have I had a stock hold my attention like this. And like uhohinc said, it's a penny stock, so a lot of people won't look at it.

    • Starsky - sorry if it disappoints but it wasn't the implant - see my reply to Uhoh earlier. I clarified to make sure that everyone understands that i went down the socalled "counterfeit" copy path - but it is EXACTLY the same compound if you read up everything like i did you will see that this is true.
      I am a normal joe who invested a lot of money and then wanted to see for myself if the claims being made were true .. in my personal experience they are as good as i could have hoped for.
      The compound is EXACTLY the same as our implant but the implant supposedly works MUCH better .. that i find absolutely amazing and just makes me even more confident that we will have a chance to make our escape from the rat race ... all we need is patience.

    • Just read your post after I sent mine. You must have read my mind, as you answered many of the questions I was asking. Thanks again.

    • Sennessed, thanks for the info. So, it sounds like you were part of a clinuvel study?? Or did you get your hands on it some other way? Was it the pellet form, and if so, what was the process of getting it under the skin? Pretty easy? Was an anasthetic administered first? I saw a youtube video of putting hormone (replacement therapy) pellets under the skin, and wondered if it was the same process. Hoping it's a little easier than what I saw. I was just talking to my buddy about how amazing it is that this stock is so cheap. I wonder how many people are watching this stock and waiting for it to pop before they jump in? Did you feel any nausea or headache from it? I agree, I think this is going to be a monster stock. Bill Gates was talking on a talk show the other day and discussing how difficult it is to get a new drug, for rare diseases, to market. The fact that Wolgen has found the narrow route to market ( orphan status) speaks volumes for his leadership. My only hope is that I can make enough to retire early. As my neighbor puts it,"I'll settle for being independently middle class." Just get me out of this rat race. In the mean time, my newest motto keeping me going is, "The only thing keeping me going, is knowing I can end it at any time...:-) I look at this map in front of me and realize what a nice position clinuvel is in to make this a global thing. Italy has already taken the hook, the rest will follow. Wonder why they didn't push for Australia first? Any thoughts?

    • First of all so there is no confusion you must understand it was not the Clinuvel implant but the copy of the peptide you can source from USA if you're in Oz. I have invested a lot of money and i wanted to test the product for myself - i bought it, injected it for 30 days as advertised on the big Melanotan site - ok ?
      Side effects were as discussed everywhere - SLIGHT flushing of the face for 15 minutes about 10 minutes after injection, SLIGHT feeling of nausea for same time.
      Important to note that all my reading of Clinuvel implant shows that flushing and nausea have been removed by implant mechanism and also that results are MUCH greater with implant - which based on my experiences i find amazing as my results were already amazing.
      Uhoh - i read your posts many times and know you are a smart, funny guy with both eyes open but able to evaluate risk and know that all life is a risk and you just need to be able to understand opportunity when it arises and then have the internal fortitude to act on YOUR beliefs and not wait for herd to tell you that you are right in your thinking because then it is too late.
      We will win bigger than we can imagine with this .. then again i have a big imagination ... just wish i had more cash.

    • That message you left from taking scenesse helps me alot in reassuring me I'am not alone in my thinking. Any side effects at all? anything in the slightest?

    • no_way2win - happy to share my experiences.
      I have been sunburnt every summer of my life EXCEPT for the last one when i had scenesse.
      All the previous summers I basically like most people i know, except the already lucky dark skinned people, would have a cycle of - burn, tan, fade, burn, tan, fade all summer long - but not this time.
      I spent all summer in the surf as i usually do and the difference was ubelievable. I had a tan after only an hour or two in the sun at the start of summer and it deepened over the first few days to the darkest i have ever been - and it stayed that way for months and i am still tanned now - 3 months after summer has finished. Apart from the cosmetic benefits and EVERYBODY comments on "you look well", "you look younger/fitter/healthy" etc etc, and i really do mean EVERYBODY, the main benefit i found was that it was the best protective agent for a normal active life in the sun.
      I still used suncreams etc on my face and shoulders but these in no way stopped the tan developing - and I NEVER GOT SUNBURNT ONCE - and believe me in Oz everybody gets sunburnt in summer !!!!
      Yes freckles became darker but then they basically blended in once the tan came through.
      I have no doubt that the "average" anglo saxon person is going to want this for themselves AND their children to prevent sun cancer via repeated burnings - that is the way i see it in Oz anyway - and all we need is patience to see the rewards.
      My only regret is that i don't have more spare cash to buy the shares at these unbelievable prices - if i did i would buy more.
      Once the herd wakes up to this it will be the biggest thing to hit that many of us will ever see in our lives and by our good fortune and ability to evaluate risk and look ahead we all will be richer beyond our wildest dreams.
      This will make the Poseidon nickel price rise (look it up but we won't have the crash part )look like chicken feed and we will all be in penthouses and ferraris ...

    • Senn - Please tell us more about your experience with this drug. Its how it actually works for people like you that counts. On the melanotan website i read some accounts of people taking the bootleg stuff (which is chemically identical with respect to pigmentation). Generally pretty positive but complaints of freckles and moles becoming more visible etc. No one seemed to be saying "I will take this forever." People who are into looks (models, actors, bodybuilders etc.) take lots of steroids, botox etc. but somehow this never is mentioned even though it's been available on the blackmarket for years. So it's kind of a mystery. I'm with you though. The time to buy it is before it's "discovered." When Nicole Kidman discusses this with Oprah it will be too late.

    • Dudette - you are talking rubbish. "Most people" get sunburnt, then tan up a little then it fades away and then cycle repeats ... this drug PREVENTS you from getting sunburnt AT ALL !! I know as I've used the stuff myself and the tan is PROFOUND not just a little tan that fades away .. this one lasts for months and months.

      The market for this drug will be so huge that you will not believe it until it happens in front of your very eyes ... and then no doubt you will tell everyone how smart you were and you saw it all along, but by then you will be too late and we who saw the opportunity, took the risk with our money and showed PATIENCE will quietly go about our newly RICH lives.

      You should go away and do some real research before you start slagging people off.


    • Never in the history of the EMEA or the FDA are you told the most market sensitive information until it is actually appoved now told by EMEA that Clinuvel is a 99 percent for sure approval.....No risk for those who do a slight of research.

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