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  • ndabunka ndabunka Mar 14, 2006 11:30 AM Flag

    All RIGHT! SIP-IX announcement!!!

    This is the type of stuff I was telling you guys could become a big factor for the business. "the first comprehensive suite of services designed to enable direct network-to-network peering between trading partners for voice, video and content services using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based technologies such as IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)"

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    • The announcement was about interoperability and coming together on a standard right? What's the potential as it relates to earnings? And who are NSR's clients in this area the big fiber networks?

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      • If you were a car company, you would be one of the competitors of Hertz so in that frame of mind I say...."not EXACTY...." This was a press release outlining that the Hong Kong exchange was implementing technologies by NSR that allowed them to "interconnect" dis-similar solutions. While . This is SIGNIFICANTLY different than supporting a published "STANDARD". What they offer is a "NSR only" solution called "SIP-IX" described as the first comprehensive suite of services to enable network-to-network peering based on the (already existing) SIP standard. Go do a GOOGLE on SIP-IX and see if you see any other vendors listed as an industry standard. Integration of SIP-based offers (such as Voice Over IP) into the more complex IMS-based solutions is not a simple task. Many of the larger companies have worked long and hard to build models capable of supporting these efforts. This is FAR beyond the typical internet peering that has been the standard in the past (i.e. JPIX, AMS-IX, equinix, etc) in that SIP-IX extends into the Application, Session and Presnetation layers of the IP protocol for directory services.

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