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  • airlolo38 airlolo38 Jun 6, 2014 4:48 PM Flag

    Insider trading!

    from up $1 to down 8 cents at closing and down as much as $2 after hours indicate someones doing insider trading big time. What did they know and we did not know? Something bad?

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    • It would appear that the selection committee has recommended that the new contract not be awarded to Neustar; but to:
      Telcordia Technologies, Inc., a US-based, wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson, doing business as iconectiv, develops market leading solutions that enable operators to interconnect networks, devices, and applications critical to evolving the global telecommunications marketplace.

      iconectiv's powerful, trusted, neutral solutions for the telecommunications industry include number portability clearinghouses, mobile messaging services, anti-theft mobile device registries, spectrum management databases and other interconnection information services. iconectiv's solutions are used by more than 1,000 operators, regulators and content providers and are currently used to provide services to over 1 billion end users.

      Neustar's game plan appears to be one of protesting the selection of iconnectiv because iconnectiv is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson. We don't know why the selection committee recommended against Neustar. It will take some time for this to play out, perhaps in court if Neustar gets dumped.

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      • The contact hasn't been awarded to Telcordia either. From FCC filings, it is desperately asking FCC to make decision to end the lengthy and costly process. FCC has the reputation to protect public interests, including fairness, security and competition. I believe the only thing that concerns FCC to avard the contract to Neustar is the competition: it is currently too juicy to Neustar without competition. Too resolve this, a competitor must be introduced and this is probably the main reason the bid was reopened and allowed Telcordia to submit its bid. The advisor group made its recommendation for the same purpose even though the Telcordia is argubly a qualified competitor. It would hardly say that NSR didn't perform its duty but in fact it is the one with good reputation for the industry. However it will compromise if FCC put pressure on it for competition. I believe it is too negative to NSR for now but NSR should be the one at least for next 5 year contract since FCC is not focusing on competition and money only and replacing NSR immediately now is too risky to public.

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    • Time for Ms. Hook to step down? She is collecting over $4 million ta year to lead the company to the dumpster. She has no technical background, why is she even qualified to lead the company?

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