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  • AikenLaw AikenLaw Dec 23, 2004 8:09 PM Flag

    like a dysfunctional family..

    it looks like there will be a greta, yoga, lawrence reunion around the CHDX board this Christmas.

    Yoga, I wish you good luck and much success in the coming year in your trades. I think CHDX won't be able to survive 05 at pre-China craze levels..

    Greta, if anyone repeatedly suggested I was a fag in the real world, I'd kick their ass or get my ass kicked trying. But for some reason I just can't bring myself to dislike you. You are a funny character, even if you are a little dark and disturbed. Here's hoping Clarett doesn't do in the Buckeyes and hoping your wife enjoys her bathroom built with CHDX proceeds from a more profitable era in CHDX stock valuations.

    It's my 10th anniversary, so the misses and I are heading off to Europe Sunday after all the gifts are opened. Paris, Lausanne and Venice. Thought I'd throw that out there for you Greta so you could accude me of being a Yoga clone.

    I'll check back in when we're back. Try to be on good behaviour during the holidays. You know, peace and joy and whatnot...

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    • Enjoy your delusions gretamoron. Enjoy 'em. It's all you enjoy.


    • Dunce:

      My living the lie douche bag friend, such a pity you forgot they split those shares. LOL!

      They did not split your ASE/ASEI shares however, and I am sure you're looking at a tidy tax WRITE OFF for that ill conceived wager.

      Based on the drubbing pathological lying shorts like yourself took this year, should I remind you the carryforward for losses is only $3k per year?

      Oh. Shoot. I forgot your boxed longs have saved the day.


    • Evidently not all morons believe I shorted AOBO since you evidently don't believe it.

      How are those $35 Chindex shares doing? ROFLMAO!!!

    • Dunce:

      Psssssst. Only a moron would believe you shorted aobo.

      Nonetheless, the rest of us know you in fact lost a bunch betting on a hunch against ASE/ASEI.

      The facts are the facts my living the lie douche bag friend.


    • Good you're keeping it short, simple . . . and moronic as usual.

    • Dunce:

      Plate for me for xmas dog bowl for you.

      ASE ASEI ASE ASEI ASE ASEI fa lala la la la laaaaaaaaa!

    • The trouble moron is that you do not know anything. You only pretend to know. And you regularly get caught up in your lies.

      Yeah I'm a 'paid basher' lol. You're an unpaid moron who is still hanging onto those CHDX shares you bought in the mid 30's (pre-second split) hoping that life will cut you a break. It won't. Sometimes you fade away but sometimes like now as the prospect of another year ending with no chance of the price coming close to your breakeven you start to sputter and flail about ineffectually at those who trade to make money. We understand. We'd even sympathize except that in your case it's better you not have the money. No doubt you'd find something filty to do with it.

      The AOBO short was great. Thanks for the tip. The CAAS short is great. Thanks for the tip.

      Anything else on your plate Ms. Moron?

    • Lawyer Boy:

      1) Don't open the gift from the Dunce in front of the Missus. The closet is a better place for the 2 of you's little secret.

      2) Clarrett will bring down the Bucks 'cause Geiger is arrogant and Tressel is dumber than you think. Krenzel was the brains behind the Fiesta Bowl season.

      3) Houses have replaced bathrooms as a use of funds in my world. Tradings stocks from the long side since I stole you and the Dunces money 18 months ago has been the reason.

      4) I have repeatedly seen so many shorts get ass banged during the past few months that our upgade list for our new home now includes radiant heat. Helps keep my feet warm as I shove them up the caboose of short IDIOTs like the Dunce(see the Dunce's trading of ASE and ASEI as a footnote LOL!!!!).

      5) CHDX market cap is a buy again

      and lastly,

      6) Since the Dunce is a hopeless degenerate, obviously narcissistic and thankfully childless you should spend less time bragging about your European destinations and more time bragging about your kids. We all know that materialistic and hedonistic things like adventures to Bali, Noe Valley and the Castro is what drives your dickless leader.

    • Try as you might I don't think you're going to get our pathological fuckup to like you.

      I was just looking at the prices of a couple of other Chinese non-profits; & Both have sunk rather markedly. Chindix is next.

      Have a great time in Europe. Don't remember to bring shorts!

      I'm looking into Bali in Feb. .