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  • AikenLaw AikenLaw Jun 25, 2005 1:40 PM Flag

    sell,and i think now would be a good

    yoga, I wasn't able to get shares to short in able (lol). Any others you have an eye on?

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    • Aik- No one can get shares of ABLE anymore. I topped out at 15,000.

      If you had asked me for some tips a couple of days ago I could have given you better ideas but the last couple of days selloff has really knocked down my shorts. There's still plenty of money to be made in them of course and I would recommend the following:




      FORD (be careful with this one since they actually make money, bizarre huh?)

      If you can short under 3.00 stocks then add MPET and ENY to the list.

      Of course I have lots of other shorts that in the absence of better things to short I hold onto. If could I would cover everything now and put it all into shorting ABLE (not really but a lot more for sure).