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  • christopherchu518 christopherchu518 Mar 11, 2010 3:47 PM Flag


    Hi Folks,

    This is Christopher Chu, Skystar's external Investor Relations firm.

    From time to time I may pop into the board. While I cannot convey any information that is not in the public domain, the retail investor base is very important. If there is subject matter that is material and not being addressed I hope to be of service. I cannot answer questions such as "What will next quarters unannounced EPS be," but I do hope to better link your ideas and concerns with regard to the company's message. Skystar's growth story has much potential and we hope to communicate this to the street.

    My contact information is listed on all future PRs.

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    • Yeah but I am starting to buy. I bought some at $7 today.

      I have been running numbers and as a long term investor the current price is cheap. Here is my breakdown.

      This fiscal year $12-13 million net income (without acquisition)

      This is what I see 3 years out.

      $15-$17 from current operations net income
      (this includes vaccine revenue but not the fish vaccine)
      $2-$4 million from the fish vaccine net income (they are forecasting 8-15 million annual sales in 3-5 years so this may be conservative)
      $2-$4 million net with the new micro organism plant running by then
      (over 70% margin so this is conservative)
      $3-$5 million net profit from the acquired companies (again conservative because with the down payment these companies probably combined are already over $3 million net per year)

      So in 3 years I see net income between $22-$30. I think this is conservative and just my opinion. These are just numbers I have been thinking of.

      If they raise $24 million(I think they should only raise $10 million and wait a year to build the new plant and just get the acquisitions done) at $6 that would be 4 million more shares so use 11.5 million shares diluted. (they better offer these new shares to current shareholders)

      3 years out $1.90-$2.60 net earnings. I am trying to be ultra conservative. I hope to hear something about the potential acquisitions. They should disclose some things before diluting shareholders IMO. Revenues and net earnings of the companies they are looking at would help a lot!


    • Thank you I've forwarded your opinion. I do think its why the SEC put out this interpretation when it did. Page 40 onwards has relavant information regarding blogs and Reg Fd.

    • Christopher- Thanks for your post. Could you please explain what exactly Scott Cramer does for the company and why he was paid over $280k in 2009. His title states he is a board director and U.S. rep, but neither of those jobs seem to warrant such high compensation. Furthermore, SKBI's 10k clearly states that his $282k compensation was "unrelated to his duties as a director." Also, in 2008, he earned $195k for doing the same job. So, what exactly did he do to earn almost half a million dollars over the past two years? Thank you.

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      • I cannot go into full details but he really should be head of corporate development. In general terms he assists in negotiating contracts and financings as well as do a very good job at presenting the company to the general public. I have to get back to you on annual comp. as he is compensated in shares so I don't know the exact cost basis of those shares. I can say that over the course of several years he has saved the company an amount that ranges in 8 figure territory.

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