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  • gburg6363 gburg6363 Apr 5, 2010 1:54 PM Flag

    WBB and Cc

    Apparently stinky listened to the CC (under ???) and the guy from WBB was very hostile? Stinky if you remember anything else, it might help with evaluating why WBB is recommending shorting a stock that is already selling for about 5X next year's estimates. Even if they missed by a mile, the stock is still way undervalued. What was this guy's worry? Fraud, incompetence?

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    • "During the Q&A today, Steve Brozack of WBB Securities, kept prodding the company's release. The company’s fielding of his questions were a bit sloppy... As far as Mr Brozack’s motives for his stump the dummy and excursion into H1N1 vaccine production (yes, he brought up H1N1 vaccine production even though Skystar does not produce this or any other human vaccines), I think he might have a bias given his status as Chairman and CEO of StormBio."

      This message was in a previous post. I have been invested in this company for some time and was a bit disturbed when I saw the downgrade. My only concern would be that these guys know something they should not, otherwise this downgrade seems silly. Even the fact that this guy is CEO of StormBio does not make a whole lot of sense for this downgrade. If you look at their website they don't even develop veterinary product. This whole thing is really strange. I sent an email to WBB asking if they could please elaborate on the downgrade, doubt I will hear anything back on that.

    • I am not sure that Mr Brozack, WBB, has any valid concerns about the company itself. I hate to question someone's integrity but, my theory is that Mr. Brozack already knew he was going to downgrade this company before he participated on the CC. I think you should listen to his near monologue yourself and see if you can detect a hidden agenda. His part of the Q&A starts at about the 34 minute point. I decided last week after listening to the CC and reviewing the filing that I am going to hold. I could not find any rationale or reason to heed WBB’s rating on SKBI. I like the vet pharma play and the company’s numbers.

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