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  • osubuck30 osubuck30 Jun 2, 2010 4:52 PM Flag


    Yep now with this price decline someone is going to get a BIG BLOCK (over a million probably 2 million) of shares BELOW BOOK VALUE!! As they will get a discount of the current price. Watch them get it below $7.

    IMO this is BS. They decide to raise funds when the stock is at the low of its recent range. Oh I forgot this is a China stock and the managements could care less about dilution. Your telling me they can't wait a year for another potential acquisition??? This one better be darn good because they are going to dilute at BELOW BOOK VALUE AND AT A FORWARD PE OF BELOW 4!!!!

    They can't wait until after even the 3rd quarter which is their best quarter to do something like this as there share price would be higher????

    They better not be paying more then (and I am almost positive they will) 4 or 5 times net earning for the company they are going to buy because then they are saying that company is worth more then their own!!!

    I am going question management at the next CC. Will wait for the pricing but after today there is no way it gets done at book value.

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    • "Whether or not the Public Offering actually occurs depends on a number of factors, including market conditions. Any Public Offering will only be made pursuant to an Underwriting Agreement, the terms of which are subject to negotiation between the Company and the Representative."

      Well selling at below book value IMO is bad market conditions but I think they need cash to complete the acquisition so they don't care. The only people who get hurt are current shareholders.

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