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  • analyst112 analyst112 Jan 6, 2011 10:02 AM Flag

    WBB Securities bashes SKBI again

    Those same companies are in the U.S. pumping out millions of pounds to poultry and cattle companies. FDA says no transfer from meat to humans. There are antibiotics streamed into salmon pens. No transfer.

    Nobody is going to short our company. Hedge funds do not short $70MM market cap companies. They know they can get killed. This story will pass and shake out a few weak holders. This is a $30 stock and at that price will be 12 x earnings. It is already depressed.

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    • So basically sheer speculation.

      Yeah I'm sure the Chinese govt is really going to try and place severe restrictions on medicines that will help farmers bring more animals to market with a larger weight.

      The Chinese govt is extremely concerned about food price inflation. If you severly restricted vaccines and medicines it would only mean that you would have much lower yields and you would have to feed the animals more inputs(feed). This would help increase the price of livestock and feed and bring less to market.

      That post is extreme speculation on something a Chinese regulatory body will not do in a very high food inflation environment. SKBI already earned $2 EPS last year and no dilution. Enjoy your lowered entry point if you aren't a lemming of the short term short sellers.

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      • I was going to post something, and realized that you said exactly what I was going to say. This is one of the thinnest basis for an analyst position I have ever seen. Even if it were true the material impact on SKBI would be negligible given the diversity of their business. It's probably somebody trying to get a good long position before it goes through the roof on 2011 estimates.

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