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  • dissappointedbyclete dissappointedbyclete May 22, 2002 9:41 AM Flag

    Stockholders Meeting

    Yo Annarborcan,

    How was the stockholders meeting. I have a running bet that you and clete are one and the same. Prove me wrong!

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    • A similar fate occurred to a close friend of mine in Milwaukee. I have owned the stock through this mess. Good Luck

    • Clete (annarborcan)

      I forgot clete (staffmark) the day I left 2 years ago! But I will always remember how your ego runied a compamy.

      You always lived in a fantasy land. You just don't like hearing the truth. The day staffmark sold you came around congratulating everyone. What a wierd scene. Nobody knew what that was about. What were we to be congratulated on. Our ESIP investments were in shambles, our stock options were worthless, our jobs were in limbo. But of course you had made millions, and would soon be getting a 700k severance package.

      As for my continued success.... I built strong relationships with my customers, co-workers, and competitors. In a year of first and second quarter economic concern, my business has tripled. But of course I will always keep my ego "in check".

    • Sorry, I meant to spell Profile!

    • Hey,

      I will post it again. I am not CLETE. I am not up late because I am guilty of anything. I check my coin collection prices online at night, surf the net for more coins to buy (or sell) and check some stock prices. And don't believe everything you read in newspapers. Its not all fact. Newspapers only tell 1/2 the truth. There is 2 sides to every nickel! Some people are naturally self destructive and will ruin their lives repeatedly and blame it on everyone: past business "partners" that "cheated them" or ungrateful friends that at one point you helped out. I always say "DON'T LET ANYONE PUSH YOU AROUND". But sometimes that requires you drop and forget some legit issues, so "IT" doesn't push you around and haunt you the rest of your life. You can only rehash and appeal something so many times and then you make a utter fool out of yourself and people (friends and relatives) WILL quietly LAUGH behind your back. I have seen people make a fool out of themselves for years by seeking "justice" for something that happened 10 years or so earlier. Just drop your beef, its making you look like a grumpy, down on your luck, hard up for money guy. If you were cheated it because of your lack of attention to detail and not getting everything checked out and in a verified form. It happens to the best of us, but don't become another asshole because of it. There are too many in the world already.

    • Hey Clete (annaborcan),

      I see your up late again (2:16 am) The guilt must really be getting to you.

      Driving by the StaffMark offices always reminds me to not ever let my ego get ahead of me like yours did. You dissappointed so many people.

    • I am not Clete. I have said this before. Your not listening. I bet Clete rarely if ever reads this board.

      Yu don't believe everything you read in the paper do you? I heard that some people lost money not on the decline of Staf stock. They held the Staf stock and borrowed heavily against it to buy securitues. When those "leased" securities went down in value, the STAF stock was sold to satisfy debts. And I would advise you don't live in the past, driving by a empty building and growing bitter. Bud, your letting this ruin you. Sorry to upset you, I thought you were a more durable person.

    • Clete (annaborcan)

      No I have never met Bill Owens but I know your sorry ass! Before, during, and after the implosion of StaffMark you wouldn't listen to anyone.

      I was on business in Fayetteville a few weeks ago and drove by our old corporate offices. I have heard that Tysons recently bought them. I looked at the plaque that dedicates the new building to your father then I looked at the plaque that talks about the employees who helped build the company. Thats what we were all about, Jerry Brewer's vision and the hard working folks that loved Jerry (Dale, Lisa, Gale, Jonita, Lance, Nikki, Linda, Melinda,. Then I looked down on the ground and saw a copy of the Wall Street Journal that had been thrown months ago but never picked up, with the name of one of the hot shot pricks that you hired to help you screw things up. Then I peeked inside the building's lobby and saw the horrible metal and glass wall hanging you had commissioned for the lobby that cost thousands of dollars. I thought to myself, "that wall hanging should have been the tip off to the whole company that Clete's ego and the company were out of control."

      Now about my pie hole.... Why don't we schedule a meeting in the front yard of you 13K sq ft house and I'll let you try to shut my pie hole. Is that a deal Clete. I think you know who I am.

    • your $9 million dollar quote about Bill Owens is far fetched. Bet you have never met him...keep your pie hole shut

    • Hey annarborcan (Clete)

      Your back! I see you posted at 1:29am. You seem to always post late at night. You must be wringing your hands over all of the people you have screwed. You know people like you who screw people dont have a conscience, so your nasty post didn't surprise me and your post didn't make sense. That is probably why you screwed up staffmark, because you aren't a sharp tack. And about the loser comment. I'm not the one who is the joke of Arkansas and especially Northwest Arkansas. I am still waiting for you to tell us what other company boards you sit on. (Your porfile in the Annual Report says that you sit on the boards of various companys) I called and they couldn't name one. Now you name one company board you sit on besides Edgw. You may have 13k sq. ft. home and a Ferrari but you are a joke and you are the loser. A good name and reputation is worth more then anything you now have clete (annaborcan).

    • In response to your posting "disappointedbyclete". My opinion: at least Clete's daddy could give him a Ferrari, which is probably alot more than Bill's "dad" could give him. "Oh, and you pay for the lunch", loser!

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