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  • thirdwilson thirdwilson Apr 19, 2006 9:57 AM Flag

    What am I missing

    Perhaps the co. missed a golden opportunity?
    Great success usually means sharing and an excitement that bubbles over. I sensed this early on when I called S. Singelton, but after that it was cold from the others. Then I realized the co. had very little insider ownership, and I felt they should be buying on the open market as the story was getting much better. To see the recent grants for pennies to a few insiders calls into the above willingness to share early on and seems to have cut the earnings this qt. by 50%. To keep the momentum going sales will move to next qt. Bottom line for me means continue to take profits even though the co. could continue to do well and the stock rise. The above are warning signs to me that they will typically not plan for the next downturn in the industry and stock will be boom bust. Congrats to all longs, but lots of profit taking in order. Just for referance and my opinion.

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    • thirdwilson,

      I'm not sure I understand your position on EDGW. I take it you sell into any strength and then wait for pullbacks to repurchase. Or have you just sold, and don't consider EDGW prospects worthwhile?

      I held from the $3.60 level until yesterday, when I sold into the pre-earnings strength. I felt fortunate to be able to buy back at lower levels this A.M. I realize EDGW has a history of selling off a few days after earnings, so she could well trend lower, but I still believe EDGW offers value at these levels. Earnings were very solid, and as per the CC, they expect earnings and revenue growth to continue next quarter. It sure would be nice if EDGW could leverage their explosive revenue growth into explosive eps growth.

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      • Like you, I got in below 4. My long term hopes have become dimer as temptation to take profits seems more clear. I have been selling at 5 and 6 and near here. Still have some in accts., but will not let them dissapoint too much. My week area is in holding through the growth and so sell most of my value companies long before they reach the full potential, but this helps me sleep as I feel more aligned with the ethics of investing. It seems to me the company will now need to prove it can indeed grow and I think it will given the focus of untaped premium IT that provides insulation from foreign comp.. This should also help price as people see the value of a domestic co. thriving. Will be a more sceptical holder for few shares left but with expensing opts going forward near a penny, Good Will growing, and management less and less likely to be shareholder friendly, we could even start to see the familiar insider sales to cap off the potential, but as I said, I will be more of a disinterested spectator and less of a fan. I didn't like the part about invitation only for the next presentation, and think it is counter to the transparency issues us individuals should and are harping about. j m o Have been buying tscc, but will sell on same early indicators or hold should they seem more friendly.

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