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  • bexleyboy bexleyboy Aug 19, 1998 4:28 PM Flag

    Staffmark Dividends

    Why aren't they paying them ?

    Is this not a worrying indicator or have I misread the profile data ?

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    • "Geez dude. Who pissed in your cheerios this
      morning?" I Agree with ProfitPiranha 100% - no need to post
      garbage on this board. Smooth integration doesn't work
      overnight. If you look at the rest of the industry players,
      their charts are exactly the same - thus it is obviuous
      that StaffMark is suffering from the same outside
      forces that the other staffing firms are suffering from.

      All of us are frustrated - and I'm sure Clete is as
      well, but most of us have faith that everything (world
      economy) will eventually turn around and STAF will reward
      its loyal followers.

    • I have a suggestion for STAF to improve its
      recognition and languishing stock price-- become listed on a
      foreign bourse. I owned a stock that went from 4 to
      currently 11+ after being listed on the Berlin Stock
      Exchange. It seems the Germans (and Belgians) can't get
      enough of that stock, and apparently it has some heavy
      promoters over there. So how about it, STAF?

    • Geez dude. Who pissed in your cheerios this

      I hate to burst your bubble but my fathers company
      was acquired by Intellimark late last year. In fact,
      it has almost been a year which is when they take on
      the name Intellimark. If I could tell you more I'd
      give you a phone number of that office and I'm sure
      they would be happy to name 5 other locations. So, I'm
      sorry to tell you but I'm pretty up on the "what's up"
      with this company. What do you know? Apparently not
      too much judging by your post.

      And one more
      thing. You're right....I do have a lot riding on this
      stock. But, you are sadly mistaken if you think I'll
      give up and get out anytime soon. This is a great
      company with a great future. Just read the annual and
      quarterly reports.

      Do you own any stock in Staffmark
      or are you here just to spread your doom and gloom

      Please, enlighten us as to why you feel this


    • If I might ask, Where did you get your information? And can you post information on websites?

    • What do you want to know?
      Lots of smaller
      companies. Never brought together after being purchased by
      No effort being made to bring them together by
      No National or even Regional contracts that I know
      Don't get me wrong, I love Staffmark, i.e.
      But your assessments of this company have been off
      for quite some time, and give a false impression to
      the impressionable.
      You have a lot of money riding
      on Staffmark going up.
      You think you know the
      company. You do not.
      It is not wine and roses, it is
      something else.
      There are great people involved, but
      they seem to have no say.
      A new HQ does not a great
      investment make.
      One of these days Staffmark will see
      You will have given up by then.
      You read that
      someone moved a stock by posting to this kind of

      You think you can do the same. You cannot.
      What if
      Intellimark is what has been providing the effect of dragging
      the price down for so long?
      Call various
      Intellimark locations and ask them to tell you where five of
      the other locations are.
      Can they.
      Staffmark is
      a manual labor company trying to break in to the
      most vicious industry there is. Information
      Just tossing out the simple post that you

      Ever heard of Intellimark? Staffmarks IT consulting
      division. It makes up the majority of their business. It
      will DEFINITELY have an effect on

      Will not help anything. What information did you
      provide the questioner? None?
      Where is Intellimark's
      website? Where is Staffmark's?
      Be more helpful to those
      you try to suck in and more careful of those who know
      a bit more.
      Thank You All For You Time.

    • Thanks for the explanation.

    • Ever heard of Intellimark? Staffmarks IT consulting division. It makes up the majority of their business. It will DEFINITELY have an effect on Staffmark.


    • 31,644 shares and climbing.

    • Over 50,000 shares

    • How does that affect StaffMark?

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