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  • onperm onperm Mar 24, 1999 10:23 AM Flag

    STAF - what the analysts think

    Staffmark made one great move, they fired Jerry
    Poston. Jerry to say the least is a jerk. Staffmark is a
    young company that made several mistakes. They need to
    take into consideration the time it takes to bring the
    new companies that they have acquired under the
    StaffMark umbrella. You can't expect a 20% growth rate
    until the confusion and uncertainty and dead weight
    have been addressed. They need to get rid of former
    owners of smaller companies in a one year time span and
    acquire larger companies. There is too much loyalty with
    smaller companies with the former owners. Businesses need
    to be run internally by StaffMark management. They
    need to start the changes immediately, focus on
    organic growth, cut overhead, meet all the existing
    clients and let them know of changes at once, set
    internal growth for the first year at 10-12%, and move all
    upper management to Arkansas. With that said, Clete is
    doing a wonderful job. His age has nothing to do with
    his performance. Clete's only problem has been to put
    too much trust in Jerry Poston. I can assure you he
    has learned his lesson. StaffMark will be back in
    favor and will be a power house. I have first hand
    experience. My company was acquired by STAF. I have seen my
    investment down by millions, but I have also been buying
    aggressively. Most of these changes I have listed have taken
    place and in the end I'll be back on top. Cliff, some
    of us have lost more than lunch money. Analysts have
    to downgrade. My advise is to do your own homework
    and listen to people like Scott and let's give Clete
    and unsung heros like Don Marr the support they

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    • Here we all agree that STAF is undervalued. A question for anyone: why is price still dropping down?

    • My company was also acquired by staf and I have
      also lost millions . I agree with what you are saying
      and I firmly believe the management team that is now
      in place can turn things around , they have learnt a
      hard lesson and will come back stronger and better. I
      also have been buying aggressively.

      • 1 Reply to redruby21
      • The dynamics of a selling market are very similar
        to the dynamics of a buying market. The selling
        pressure this stock is getting has gotten little
        resistance from the demand side which is waiting to see how
        low it will go, creating the large drop in price. It
        will end when the Company puts out solid earnings
        numbers and gives the brokerages following this Company a
        reason to believe that it is the P/E that is ludicrously
        low and not the future earnings projections that are
        too high. It will take some time (some benefit from
        Q1 if it is what they expect and alot more after Q2
        if it is on target) for this upward movement to

        At that point, and on into the future if
        they meet their earnings bogies (even as restated),
        the buying market dynamics hopefully will create an
        upward price movement. If they make their $1.65 or
        whatever for 1999, those of us that are buying at $6 (even
        if it is to average down from $17) should be happy
        with the result.

        Love the post from anorak.
        Can anyone post a complete listing of who is covering
        Staf (good and bad) and the numbers where we can order
        the analysts writeups?

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