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  • germiz2000 germiz2000 Nov 18, 2004 9:25 PM Flag


    does anyone knows y fmr corp is dumping shares of rev? they dumped 12 millions shares out of 63.75 million shares. r they done dumping?

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    • I have also noticed this. It is not a good sign. FMR CORP have two of there people who sit on Revlon's Board. My views on Revlon is now very cautious here. This dumping of over 12,000,000 shares is a red flag. I urge all who post here to send emails to Mr Jim Cramer thanking him for telling all his listeners to buy revlon when shares were closer to $2.60 a share and not having the balls to step up and do a follow up on this stock. If you open your big mouth and say you like it, then when things go wrong as is the case so far here with revlon, be a man, step up, open your mouth, and follow up. Also I advise all of you to send emails to stocksunder $10.00 they too have said everything is going to be great, we all have to all do a better Job of letting these analyst know why the heck are they singing revlon praise if the largest institutional investor is dumping its shares. Do not forget Prudential too, they upgraded this stock back. You can find the proper email address by going to THESTREET.COM for Jim Cramer and stocks under $10.00. One more thing, lets all call Mr Jim Cramer radio show on Friday and ask him to explain why a stock he is telling people to buy has its biggest institutional investor dumping shares like crazy. I have changed my postion here, it looks bad to me, I will hold till I gather more information before I can decide if I should hold or sell. You can find Jim Cramer telphone number for his radio show on THESTREET.COM OH HELL I'LL GIVE YOU HIS NUMBER
      Call Jim Cramer at Live on the Air Call RealMoney Radio from 3-4 p.m. EDT at 1-800-862-8686 and ask your investment questions live.
      or send Jim Cramer an email
      Via Email

      Also email
      Give them your input,
      Do not stay silent, it is your money, speak up
      Lets all ask these guys either by email or phone why in the hell they are still bullish on Revlon, I want to hear it, I will be calling, I expect all of you to call Jim Friday between 3.00PM-4.00PM lets ask him to be up front with us, Now, get your questions on Revlon together and call in.

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      • While your at it question him about his strong buy on CHTR which is worst off than this stock. I can tell you why things are the way they are. Does anyone know what you call someone you pay to have an affair with? That is why, because he is paid by someone who has more money than you do to give you that information. That is why I never buy on these guys opnion. I was in Charter and got out when I seen he was touting the stock. I never bought this stock for the same reason. I knew it was coming down! So I waited and just bought at 2.10 which should be "safe" may not be the very bottom but you can't always tell where it is and you get in when you think its at least near it and you will do well. MHO

      • Ya I want to hear this too! I never bought the crap - product or stock - I have another interest in the company. cramer & Perelman are good "buddys" yes that kind - from what I hear. the rich have some strange habits . . .

    • fmr did that to homs, increases the holding by 50% after sold lots shares ealier, its way to buy more shares with lower price and gradually drives up the price later.

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