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  • sexddocx sexddocx Aug 2, 2007 5:35 PM Flag

    watch out below! .75 cent

    after earnings report. jsda great example.

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    • bk is not on their thinking at this time. they will sell some of there assets first. they need a little time to get back on track. what would you do differnt. fire all of the management all at the same time! No you fire people in steps.thank's for you'r time.

    • Yep, the last downgrade came from Goldman Sachs, but go research their holdings reports and you'll see they are buying the hell out of it. So, in so far as revlon is concerned, buy when they say sell and sell when they say buy. They are dirty that way.

      Sales are good in the area where i live. Younger ladies have commented that they like the packaging. High School girls etc are drawing attention. We all know they are going to snap up the make up.

      Go REVLON! You curvatious beautiful babe you!

      Dont' get snakebit,

    • A while back I ran the numbers for the # of shares owned by the major holders, institutions and mutual funds.

      That left about 50M shares for me and you...

      Assuming institutions and mutuals are still accumulating REV - as they have been for the last year or so - that just leaves our measley 50M shares for the shorts to buy to cover their 17M shorts.

      Shorts don't know any more about whether REV will hit their numbers than longs... but they have a hell of a lot more at risk. Think they'll cover here?

      The difference with JSDA is shorts could hedge their positions with call options... only way for shorts to lower their risk on REV coming into earnings is to cover partially. The big shorts pushed it down from $1.4x over the last month so they could cover.

      We've seen the smart shorts start to cover - and it will continue at least up through the earnings announcement.

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