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  • openone2000 openone2000 Oct 20, 2006 1:40 AM Flag

    P/E shmee/E


    This is a whole new, new paradigm. Don't you watch CNBC?

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    • Why do you say "He didn't NEED to sell if he thought the stock was undervalued?" For starters that's your NEED not his. Plank�s have their own needs. Maybe they all wanted the cash to pay off other debt that they used to start the company with or maybe they sold because he wanted a new car, a ski house, a fast jet, or maybe he sold to get you too short the stock so he could sell the rest of his 12 million shares when it hits $100 after the short squeeze. Dude, give it up. I know that's your opinion and a dumb one at that go back and look at all the insiders that sold at or near the IPO's price. Look a CROX, GOOG, and the rest of them. Why did they sell at the IPO price if their shares are worth far more now???? I mean��they didn�t NEED to sell right? are trading higher now. Keep asking why and you'll lose a lot of money my friend.

    • YodaNeedsAHeadTransplant YodaNeedsAHeadTransplant Oct 25, 2006 1:31 PM Flag

      In #3, the proceeds generated should be $ 246,947,610.00 and is before the underwriters fees of over $9.8 million.
      Sorry for the confusion.

    • YodaNeedsAHeadTransplant YodaNeedsAHeadTransplant Oct 25, 2006 1:14 PM Flag

      I know the facts, sir. These are the facts:

      1. Plank pulls down a salary of $1.5 million per year.
      2. On May 25, 2006, the registration statement registering for resale 7,263,165 shares owned by 4 people named Plank, other insiders and executives, and Rosewood was declared effective by the SEC.
      3. Those 7,263,165 shares generated proceeds of almost a QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS ($248,254,979.70 to be exact)
      4. The prospectus for the IPO is dated November 17, 2005.
      5. The insiders noted in #2 were prohibited from selling any shares during the first 180 days following the IPO.
      6. The difference between the dates on the IPO prospectus and the secondary offering of the insiders noted in #2 is 176 days.

      So, to reiterate, Plank pulls down a million and a half bucks in salary. He didn't NEED to sell if he thought the stock was undervalued. Rather, almost to the day the lockup expired, the many Planks, other insiders and Rosewood sold AS FAST AS THEY CONTRACTUALLY COULD.

      Those are the facts.

      Link to the registration statement for the secondary:

      Link to the registration statement for the IPO:

    • by the way, you win the 'Topic Heading of the Year' award, with that one!

    • First of all know your facts. The board of directors voted on what Plank's pay was going to be. If he has over 20% growth every year he gets a 1mil bonus....he turned down the bonus this year. After every IPO insiders sell a small amount, in Plank's case he had a very unusual IPO. How many IPOs do you know where you go public and keep over 50% of the company........NONE. His deal with the underwriters had him selling after lock period expired along with the other Vice Presidents....Wood, Kip, Wood's wife, Plank's brother. That's all spelled out in the Private Placement I will not give a copy.

    • It's a tee-shirt company trading at 90 tiems earnings and 20 timex EBITDA. Amazing to say the least.

    • Yes it is.....seems like Ive heard this song before, like back in '96-2000.

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