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  • YodaNeedsAHeadTransplant YodaNeedsAHeadTransplant Nov 4, 2006 2:36 PM Flag

    Massive Insider Selling (Again)

    To all the faithful UARM longs, I'm sure the insiders who sold close to $30 million of stock after earnings were reported would like to thank you very much for your support. Note also the K J. Fulks Trust now owns zero shares. UARM hasn't even celebrated its one year anniversary as a public company and the Trust has sold every last single share. What a great country!!! God Bless America!!!

    I know, I know....most of the kids on your kids soccer team MUST have UARM so these massive insider sales are nothing to worry about. And the ginormous multiple at which the stock trades is nothing to worry about. It's all good.

    Ryan Wood sold 300,000 shares @ $44.2278 = $13,268,340
    Link to Wood's sales:

    Kip J. Fulks sold 124,000 @ $44.2278 = $5,484,247.20
    Kip J. Fulks Trust sold 225,513 @ $44.6207 = $10,062,547.92
    Kip J. Fulks Trust sold 48,962 @ $44.6843 = $2,187,832.70
    Link to Fulks and Fulks Trust sales:

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    • I'll refrain from condescending remarks, although you make it hard to do so. If you re-read your own post, perhaps you'll realize what you said. The sales were 6 months apart. If you'd ever had any first-hand exposure to this stuff, you'd understand that officers of public companies receive close scrutiny as to how they trade their shares. There are blackout periods other than immediately after IPO and more officers than not lean towards programmed sales for cash, diversification...yada, yada, yada. This eliminates any perception of impropriety. These guys and gals are not day traders looking for a quick buck. The sky is not falling.

    • MEANS NOTHING, my god you must be the worst trader to ever lay eyes upon a message board. Whoops actually, those who post meaningless propaganda like "insider trading" usually are.

    • And pray tell what do you or anyone else plan to do with your shares of stock when they hit a certain level? How do you make money? How do you spend money after you make it? Good grief you can't make it or spend it if it is all tied up in stock. What in the world are you thinking when you ask why someone sold their stock?? The money is why you buy and SELL it. Now you can buy food, clothes, housing and if you make enough, boats, planes and that condo in your dream spot. Let it go and look at the bottom line with this stock.

    • That's an important data point that surely needs to be monitored, but it's not the whole story, right?

      Although Ryan Wood cashed in $13 million in stock, he still has at least $37 million of his net worth tied up in uarm stock, right? And although Kip Fulks sold $17 million worth of uarm stock, he still has something like $33 million of his net worth tied up in the company.

      While I would certainly prefer that the execs not sell a single share, from a risk management perspective I personally would not and do not have 30% or more of my net worth tied up in any one company, do you? If I interpret the form properly, these guys have brought their positions down to the point that they have 30% - 35% of the shares that they started with, which means that they still have a large bet placed on the company doing well in the future.

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