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  • brock_j_19 brock_j_19 Mar 2, 2007 4:31 PM Flag

    ua shoes

    Why all the sell and avoid ratings for under armor? i am in college, i like the under armor label and gear. so do a ton of other people in my age group.
    the stores are decent, although i really think that if under armor made shoes they would overtake nike eventually. nike is old and too traditional, under armor is new and sexy right now. i see Lots of growth potential.

    high pe ratio, but why shouldn't i get in?

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    • I sold 1/2 my shares in UA last week. I feel the market is going to correct. BUT I will continue to buy shares if the stock does go lower. I was at Modells this weekend and Under Amour was FLYING off the shelfs....They were already out of stock on UA mens B ball cleats size 9 & 9 1/2..

    • Get in by all means!! If you feel the growth will continue at 30-35% yr..get in and ride the train..Personally, I think they(big boys) will run this back up again once all this market down turn is over or if Cramer gets on TV again. I do think they will beat thier numbers this gut tells me they are rocking..I feel the energy. short position covered ( probably too early, but i was over my head a week ago. Ill sleep well this evening. I think the 200 ma is about 43.5?? (someone can confirm)It also appears that there is pretty good support in this 45 range. if she busts the out below..30 will be next.


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      • Well, I'm back from Hawaii and glad to hear that you got out even, Montereyguy. I was watching Goldman Sachs lanquish, decided that something was up, and sold everything that wasn't nailed down and bought treasuries just before the 400 point implsion. Unfortnately, the treasuries didn't get bought until a day later and I entered the big tank day with just a few measly short positions. Still selling LVS, WYNN, plus SHLD, MER and GS. Sell a little UA for old time's sake whenever it sticks its ugly head up. It doesn't look like it's got a lot of sponsorship these days. I wouldn't be shy about coming back for seconds if it stays below 45 Monday. Granted, on days like today you can short almost everything. But stocks like GE, HPQ, and JNJ start to stablize in these environments because institutions need to own them. They were trying to hold UA up with phony bids toward the close today, but there were a lot more real sellers eager to get out. Looks like they don't want to put any more money into this one. By the way GS and MER are behaving -refused to bounce - I'd say there are real problems there, whether with mortgage-based securities or the yen I wouldn't know. The nice thing about shorting major stocks like these is that when they get going in one direction, they're like an oil tanker -- it takes a while to turn them around. With a little runabout like UA, a couple of thousand shares can whip it right around. Have a good weekend.

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