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  • emcsw33 emcsw33 Jan 18, 2008 9:54 PM Flag



    Cramer's followers for the most part are not that knowledgeable about the market. So, he is viewed as an authority. If you go to a doctor, you hear advice for treatment that is not correct but you follow it, you still have grounds for a malpractice suit. Same goes for legal advice. Take a car to a mechanic and get a faulty repair, you have grounds for redress or warranty repair. The key is, you are not the authority. You paid for a service. Cramer claims to be the authority and has the Wall Street experience. Now, although you did not directly pay him for advice, you watched the show, boosted his ratings and allowed CNBC to charge advertisers more for sponsoring the show. As such, you provided an indirect form of compensation. So, why shouldn't the same apply to Cramer so far as liability goes? In fact, Brokers and analysts who make a living off the market should have liability for losses extended to them.

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    • Bullshit!On top of Bullshit! Man where are you coming from? You lose your ass and go blame someone else.Its your own damn fault if you cant manage your own money.You need to assess your own tolerance for risk.Look at company financials and other news on a company.If you cant do any of that then pay a broker.At least turn Cramer off.And all of us fans will keep watching.
      If you didnt see this recession coming on then you need to get out of the market.
      Sack up and quit being a whiny little bitch.
      People like you piss me off.Your part of the reason why America is getting flushed down the shitpipe.Gotta file lawsuits on everyone for every little thing.Stupid ass liberal.

    • Not only is it your money, you make the decisions. If you got caught with your pants down perhaps you should contact Kevin Plank, he sold into the strength and now he is willing to gamble the year on an Ad in the middle of a recession. The ride is not always smooth, buy bonds.

    • you must loose ur ass in this stock mr......only blame yourself fur ur mistake/......

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