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  • cybersurfinusa cybersurfinusa Mar 12, 2008 10:32 PM Flag

    up on 200k volume?

    volume on MOST stocks today was telling.

    WISH i'd shorted more when i THOUGHT i should.

    oh well. ride down still good from here.

    easily $8 to $10 on the downslide. and likely to quicken the pace.

    sorry, longs. choose wisely.

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    • my new puts are already in the green, there's absolutely nothing positive on the horizon that will hold this stock up except a buyout and even then it won't garner a premium from current prices.

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      • "nothing on the horizon?" Are you serious??? There are 17+ million shares that are short right now. I know that YOU don't want to cover here, but there are far more people that control this stock. If they want to run this thing up over 40, they can and will. It takes balls of steel to play naked options on this stock. Don't be surprised if you get humbled. Nike isn't going to buy out UA at this point. They are rolling the dice. If UA proves to take significant market share, Nike may become interested, but I just don't see Plank taking a deal. He's already made 200mm. It's more now about the competition of going up against Nike than the money.

      • i'd be VERY surprised by any sort of buyout.

        from what i've seen of all their new products, they look CHEAP, from the shoes to the sunglasses.

        they created an initial splash, but seem to have no good second act.

        and i'm not sure management is terribly good.

        it's definitely down from here. i'm guessing to around $19 or $20. we'll see.

    • Good luck shorting more. It's impossible.

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