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  • indian8788 indian8788 Aug 24, 2012 5:03 PM Flag

    Obama will crush the election

    As much as the Right continually tries to SPIN every little thing about O, there is less known about Romney than O. That is how ridiuclously laughable it is. I'm impartial, I just call things as I see them.

    Romeny is a multi-millionaire flake who eople know nothing about. He worked for a PE equity firm which almost nobody can relate to and therefore nobody truly understands what is he actually did, how he did it. With the kind of moneyy he has and the mentality that clearly comes with being a PE guy(its business, not personal), he will be sout of place when it comes to the white house where everything is personal. He is like Trump; he has no business being near the white house.

    Paul Ryan is a distraction. I actually was impressed with this guy originally but now I see him come on stage, waving his arms, with his mouth closed, looks like he has no teeth, smiling like a fool, and I just imagine what China is thinking(we are going to crush these ants).

    Yes, Biden is a fool as well, but O is not and O has the power.

    This will not be even cose, people, average joe are not voting for Rom. It is not happening. he doesn't even live or relate like any of us.


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    • YES!!!! America is getting smart. Enough of these george bush types, who allow everything to go especially those that hurt the little guy. That is the problem with the 1%; they have the money but they are just 1% and when this country wants change, it has the votes desite not having the money.

      For those who were going for Romney, relax, things are not as bad as you make them out to be. This country is on the right track and UA has THRIVED these last 4 years under O.


    • the Romney/Obama debate was clearly "won" by Romney(O didn;t seem to show up) but this election in my opinion has already been decided and the debates are just entertainment. You will not see the same debate next week.

      As for last nights, am I the only one that was A) pretty impressed with Biden, aside from all the facial expressions and B) seeing a little kid in Paul Ryan' chair. Is Paul Ryan really the guy you want a heartbeat away from the presidency? Is Biden? No, I guess you really don;t want either but normal people don't run for presidencies, so this is what he vae to choose from. I'll take the Biden we had last night over the baby Ryan anyday. Say what you want about Biden and all his gaffes, I agree with you. But there was nothing impressive about Paul Ryan last night.


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      • Uggh..Romney just makes me sick. This stiff, fake loser, who panders to the right...multi-millionaire clown with his fake smile...flipping and flopping throughtout this election campaign...just ridiculous that this guy is even considered.

        I mean, in this debate itself, he shows himself as the 2nd coming of Bush, calling terrorists and others "bad guys". reminds me of bush with his "evil-doers". As if all of us in America are this stupid...we live in a movie where there are good guys and bad guys. It's just so simple minded. That is the apeal of Barack Obama, a guy with a brain.

        Not black and white. Good guys and bad guys. Thinking things through. Is he perfect? No. Is this economy sluggish? yes. But is he better than Romney for the future of this country? absolutely.

        With Romney we go back to an economy where its a free-for-all, where bank CEO's can have their banks go out and rip off the poorest among us, where they can continue unregulated and bring THI WHOLE COUNTRY and the rest of the world to its knees, and walk away scott free. Yes, they are walking away with Obama too, but at least there are finally some regualtions. Wall Street is not the big mighty behometh it once was and that is a GOOD thing. People are going to college for real things now, taking it miuch more seriously. Realizing you need a real degree in something like engineering, medicine, etc, or realizing you need to get a real job and make a living with or without a degree.

        The rich can no longer easily prey on the poor, duing them as easily.

        This country is on a better, healthier path. Disagree with me.


    • Indian do us all a favor and don't go spouting your drivel on politics ... as I am sure you never even voted in an election... You like BHO because he plays hoops right?? Most people your age have no clue on how to evaluate the current economic situation and what each side brings to the table..

      As for BHO, He is the most epic failure of a president this country has ever known.. but t hen again.. you are part of the "entitlement generation" vs hard work.....

    • It is so shocking how brilliant and articulate Jerry Springer is. I know, you're laughing at that statement. But don't confuse the image of his show with his actual mind, ideas, and articulation. This guy really knows how to articulate and break things down brilliantly.


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