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  • indian8788 indian8788 Oct 26, 2012 1:32 PM Flag


    For those wondering where I still stand on DECK, it remains the same. I remain long with a price target of $200 in the next 5-10 years. The short term is of no concern to me. I'm not like other investors who need to watch every tick..I've grown up. Company is very solid, Angel Martinez has been a fantastic CEO. Much like KP. Long and strong. Short term pain for long term gain. I've learned from Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett.


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    • You only remain long DECK because you made one of the dumbest investing mistakes a person can make: instead of cutting your losses with an appropriate stop as DECK declined, you averaged down under the horribly misguided idea that "it can't go much lower". But guess what? A stock, any stock, can always go much lower. It can even go to zero.

      There is no, I repeat no excuse for holding onto a stock for almost a year while it declines from $81 to $29. At this point you're simply trying to justify and rationalize what was obviously a very bad call on your part. I hope you're fooling yourself, because you certainly aren't fooling anyone else.

      With DECK itself projecting full-year revenue increases of only 5%, and EPS decreases of 33%, talking about a $200 future share price is nothing more than an exercise in brazen stupidity. Frankly, trying to predict ANY stock price 5-10 years out is tantamount to claiming you have a crystal ball. Such a prediction should be seen as tangible proof that you aren't a serious investor, because no serious investor would even attempt to guess what a stock might be priced at years from now. There are simply too many unknowns about both the company itself and the economy.

      If DECK ever sees $50 again, you will have been extremely lucky. Uggs will always have a market, but the DECK stock price, which was based largely on Uggs, was an obvious bubble waiting to pop. And pop it did. Right after you called it a "screaming buy", I believe. The DECK financials are what they are. It would take a revenue increase many times what DECK itself is predicting to even make this a $50 stock. Which is why you won't see it anytime soon, if ever. It's even possible the stock falls into the teens, and never recovers. At which point you'll probably still be pumping it.

      And I suspect that others will keep reminding you of all this until you achieve a level of maturity where you can admit an obvious mistake. You clearly aren't there yet.

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      • Oh look, here's another stable nobody.

        I'm just going to go ahead and discredit your whole post by taking one of your very brilliant points .

        "no serious investor would even attempt to guess what a stock might be priced at years from now. There are simply too many unknowns about both the company itself and the economy."

        Really? Are you lost? What you point out as something we aren;t suposed to be doing is PRECISELY what our aim as investors is. What is it exactly that made Warren Buffet the person he is or peter lynch or any other succesful long term investor? Was it insane amounts of trading? How did those guys make their money?

        You see its one thing to attacck my postion on DECK, and my "intelligence" regarding my holding to this level and STILL defending the stock but you just blow all credibility and seriousness when you try and diss me by going ahead and saying exactly what you said showing you don;t even understand why you are here, on this message board, attacking my position.

        Not that I have to exlain why I remain invested in DECK but I will go ahead and state that I believe the CEO to be in the class of the best out there(despite the stock activity), I believe the core product UGG still remaining in popular demand 8 years after initially becoming popular to speak volumes for its future; I believe the innovation of the company much like the innovation one sees here with UA speaks to where such companies go(up); and I believe the fortunate ourtunity for the comany to buy back 300M worth of shares at this point of the tie in the company will rove to be a very significant force in the coming years ahead. Most companies buy when things are going great and the stock is near all-time highs and that usually fortells a top. DECK is having the oppurtunity to do the opposite, buying over 200M worth of shares at less than 50/share. Bargain price in the future.

        You and the other attackers win the short term battles, where the stock is down now, much like previous clowns on this board who enjoyed popping up whe UA would be down but disappearr when we hit new all-time highs. I don;t know you guys from ADAM, I ut you all on ignore after reading your initial posts, and really don't care about your approval or petty attacks. You're all people who never made any money but sit behind a eyboard and think your words can hurt somebody you don't even know. Not a chance.


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