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  • indian8788 indian8788 Nov 7, 2012 1:06 PM Flag

    outperforming on dismal day

    As the regulars on the board know, I don't ut much emphasis on short tem stock movement. The market is down 300 right now and UA is down only 83 cents. UA has done this repeatedly on bad market days over the 25+ months I have been invested in the company. It doesn;t mean the stock won't sell off below 50 in the coming weeks if the market turns or just because it can, but the long term trajectory is up. Earnings are up and growth is phenomenal, same as its been the last 25 months so if we were growing like this 2 years ago and are growing at similar rates today...well just imagine s 2 years from now(150/share post split).


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    • Like I stated a couple of days back, just because we were holding strong on a bad day didn;t mean that we couldn;t sel off in the coming days/weeks ahead if the market turned or just because we could. Again, no real reason for this drop. Consumer Sentiment reort comes out at a high, UA selling well and being seen everywhere. These consumer sentiment reports mean nothing; another distraction clearly to fill time on CNBC and create some jobs.

      Bottom line, this is exactly what we dealt with when UA hit the 80 dollar wall pre-split a year ago. It would just fall over its face back down to as low as 52 only to bounce back up, only to bounce down to 60, only to bounce up, only to bounce down, to then un to 120 in a flash(jumping 50%! in a matter of two months or so).

      Shake the tree...doesn't work too ell...shake much harder....shake the tree one last time...and then move the baby up for a nice 2 month return of 50%. Not bad for 2 months work. Watching a very familiar movie, getting old.


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      • Well look at that...the market down 70 early in the morning, now up 60. UA down to 49 at 11.15 AM EST then at 50.45 1 hour later. The beauty of the market. Random, nonsense movement. Why not take the stock to 49, see who sells, then just take it back up to 50.45 an hour later because the real value is much higher? How does it work? I'm just trying to understand how the stock was able to be pushed to 49 and then in a mtatter of minutes just bounce back to even like nothing happened. I understand trading is going on, but it seems so ORCHESTRATED!!!!

        We sweat out going on years to work hard and make our profit and somehow these guys just make a quick 3% in an hour!!!! It's a little ridiculous but it exlains the random, VIOLENT moves as pure orchestration. Like I saidm, not based on a headline or real reason, just a way to grab an EASY 3% trade. UNBELIEVEABLE. Welcome to the show!


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